Best Movie Makers 2019

If you are tight on storage space on your computer, you can opt to do away with software that you have to install in your hardware and simply find services that offer to do the very same task online. Despite being considered a resource-heavy task, video editing can completely be accomplished via the internet now. You can simply upload your videos, use the tools available with the service, and save the final output, or better yet, upload it directly to a video streaming site. Not only does this route let you free up your system storage for other use, you can also prevent using too much of your computer’s resources.

We searched high and low for online movie makers that not only accomplishes the task, but also throws in other useful features for good measure. So feast your eyes on the best of the best, right here!

CompanyRankingRatingPriceCloud StorageVideo UploadMobile AppDescription


1st9.4 out of 10$9.99 Per MonthYesYesYes

WeVideo Review

WeVideo offers multi-platform compatibility and cloud storage for your video projects, so you can continue to work on your project wherever you are.Full WeVideo Review »


2nd9.3 out of 10$69.95 One TimeNoneYesNone

wonderfox Review

wonderfox HD Video Converter Factory Pro does a wonderful job converting videos in record time while maintaining its original quality.Full wonderfox Review »


3rd9 out of 10$29.99 One TimeYesYesNo

Kizoa Review

Kizoa offers a comprehensive editor with impressive features, and a one-time fee for those who want more meat.Full Kizoa Review »


4th8.8 out of 10FreeYesYesNone

RenderForest Review

RenderForest has a lot of templates and music to offer, all licensed at that. It's a shame they have duration limitations for HD videos.Full RenderForest Review »

Video Toolbox

5th8.7 out of 10FreeYesYesNo

Video Toolbox Review

Another free-to-use online video editor that stands out mainly because of the details it presents to users. You can learn about the bit rate, frame rate, resolution, and other important details of your videos without much fuss.Full Video Toolbox Review »


6th8.6 out of 10$2.49 Per MonthYesYesYes

Magisto Review

Magisto is targeted towards users who like to have fun editing their videos, and can be used by anyone since it can automate the whole process.Full Magisto Review »


7th8.5 out of 10$16.00 Per MonthNoneYesYes

Animoto Review

Animoto is a reliable online video editor which offers loads of theme styles for any event. Their subscription rates may not be for everyone, though.Full Animoto Review »


8th8.3 out of 10$4.99 Per MonthYesYesYes

Loopster Review

A basic online video editor that spices things up by offering a promo for creations done via their tool.Full Loopster Review »


9th8 out of 10FreeNoYesNo

Wideo Review

A fantastic tool that lets you easily create animated videos online for a variety of purposes, with plans that range from free to affordable.Full Wideo Review »


10th7.3 out of 10$1000.00 Per MonthYesYesNo

Kaltura Review

Kaltura offers a complete video solution for large organizations, but given their pricey monthly rates, it is definitely not for everybody.Full Kaltura Review »


11th7 out of 10$89.00 Per MonthNoNoNo

PowToon Review

If you ever need to create a video for presentation purposes, Powtoon should helpful, but take note, this is the only use of the service, nothing more, nothing less.Full PowToon Review »
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Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Wondering how we came up with the list above? Right down below, you'll see some of the criteria used to separate the great online movie makers from the mediocre ones. You can use these factors to create your own standards when choosing a movie maker for your project, so go ahead and do a little reading on them!


Not all online movie makers are created equal. While all of them will let your create and edit videos, some extend the functionality to include more advanced features. Some provide a template that lets you insert your clips without much effort, while others can integrate with audio and video streaming sites where you can use uploaded files from those sites in your project.

File Size Allowance

Since you will be using their servers for your project, some online movie makers impose a limit on file size, and while some are quite generous in this aspect, there are others that have very restricting allocations. If you are planning on editing long or high quality footage, it may be best to look for options that do not have a file size cap for their user's uploads.

Social Media Sharing

One advantage of doing the task online is its ability to be shared instantly to social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or video streaming sites like Youtube and vine. If you want a fast avenue for your videos to have hits, then an online movie maker that connects to multiple sharing sites is a good place to start.

Mobile Application

Let's face it, videos do not always have to be shot with some high end camera equipment, and not everyone can afford these luxuries as well. Modern mobile devices, on the other hand, are good enough for shooting quality videos, and you can whip it out anytime anything interesting comes up. An online movie maker that has a mobile version can save you the hassle of having to transfer files from your gadget to your computer, and you can keep your content fresh and relevant while giving it a little creative polish.


While online movie makers do not give much emphasis on their customer support because of the DIY nature of their service, you can find blogs, video tutorials, and even discussion forums that can guide you in using their tools. Some products even have official YouTube channels where you can learn more about the usage of their application. Finding a community of users can also help you pick up a technique or two.

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