AskNow Vs. Hollywood Psychics: a Head to Head Battle

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A Quick Look at Both Companies

With a set of psychic advisors handpicked by their Master Psychic Managers, AskNow has a premier network of psychics that have passed a strict screening process. Only one of ten applicants are able to survive their standards, so it’s pretty strict and rigorous. They also classify their psychic advisors into three categories, depending on their expertise and specialty, and with a clear budget range indicated, so you can choose appropriately with your concern and pocket in mind.

Meanwhile, Hollywood Psychics claim to be the coolest psychic service around because of their customers, ranging from teachers and mothers at home to politicians, actors, and important business people. One of the many reasons why people from all walks of life use their service is because they have a variety of topics and psychic category expertise at hand. They have some features like psychic comparison and full refunds that you won’t find in other competitors.

AskNowHollywood Psychics
ProsCallback schedulingPsychic comparison tool
Master Psychics are involved in applicant screening processFull refunds offered for unsatisfactory experience
User-friendly websiteListen feature for each psychic
ConsMaximum of 5 minute credit-back for unsatisfactory experienceUnpublished screening process
Credit card payments onlySeverely limited psychics available during non-peak hours

Psychic Screening Process

As previously mentioned, AskNow’s psychic screening process involves their Master Psychic Managers, who are considered the best in the field. Although the process is not exactly outlined, we know that only one in ten applicants pass the test, so it’s safe to assume that their standards are somehow high, and the process is rigorous enough to weed out fakers.

While there is nothing on the website about their screening process, Hollywood Psychics actually has one in place– according to their support team, they only hire psychics with 10 to 15 years of experience. This is a pretty steep requirement, but effectively filters out not only con-artists but also newbie psychics who are still finding their own identity in the business.

The Winner: AskNow

Filtering Tools Available

AskNow only has a handful of options to filter their psychics- via availability, reading type, advisor type, price, and topic-based categories like love and relationships, money and finance, and dream analysis. Their reading type filter even differs from other services in the sense that the others refer to their conversation style, while AskNow means their communication channel.

asknow filter

On the other hand, Hollywood Psychics has more variety when it comes to search tools- you can sort by availability, rating, name, and date joined, and filter by reading type, conversation style, specialties, tools, gifts, and languages. They also have a unique feature where you can compare up to four psychics so you can choose the best out of the group.

hollywood psychics comparison tool

The Winner: Hollywood Psychics

Session Rates

Since AskNow classifies their psychics into three; rates are based on their levels as well. The most affordable psychics (top rated advisors) cost around $3.99 to $9.99 per minute; their mid-level psychics (elite advisors) range from $10 to $12.99 per minute; while the cream of the crop (master advisors) cost $13 a minute and up.

Hollywood Psychics does not publish their psychic’s rates until you’ve consumed your first call, so you don’t really have an idea on how much you need to set aside to use their service. It would’ve been better for the customers if psychic’s rates are visible from the get go, so they would also know if a specific advisor fits their budget.

The Winner: AskNow

Reading Channels

Both services offer traditional reading channels- live chat and phone call, although AskNow has a callback option for when your psychic is currently unavailable. You won’t find text, email, or video call options in these services. Compared to other services, both AskNow and Hollywood Psychics need to step up their game in this aspect.

asknow advisors

hollywood psychics communication channels

The Winner: AskNow

Payment Methods

While both AskNow and Hollywood Psychics accept major credit cards, namely Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, the latter also recognizes debit cards, Western Union transfers, and money orders as payment options. They both don’t accept PayPal yet though, nor can you use Bitcoins and other altcoins as payment; other services have began accepting these methods to give customers more convenience in purchasing psychic reading sessions.

The Winner: Hollywood Psychics

Promos and Perks

AskNow has a pretty standard introductory offer of $1 per minute for the first call, with choice denominations of 20 and 30 minutes. This is their only existing promo for customers; you won’t find any loyalty programs or membership perks here.

asknow promo

On the other hand, Hollywood Psychics has their own set of promos for users to enjoy. For new customers, they have a similar offer to AskNow where the first call is discounted at $1 per minute with the option for a 10, 20, or 30 minute session. Aside from this, they also have a membership program where users can enjoy 5 bonus minutes for every 10th reading purchased with a minimum of 10 minutes per session. To be eligible for this perk, all you need to do is sign up for their newsletters and promotional emails. You always have the choice to opt out by unsubscribing from the above mentioned services.

The Winner: Hollywood Psychics

Customer Support

AskNow’s support team can be reached via phone and email 24/7, although they do not have a live chat support option for faster communication. You can expect their support team to respond immediately to inquiries and concerns though, since they are always available. Meanwhile, Hollywood Psychics offers all three options- live chat, phone, and email support; all with short waiting times and competent representatives that can give answers and solutions adequately.

The Winner: It’s a tie between AskNow and Hollywood Psychics

The Overall Winner: AskNow

The fight on who is the better online psychic reading services between these two is really close, especially since they offer almost the same features and carry similar reading channels, payment methods, and support options. AskNow happens to win by just a teensy bit in our book because their master psychic advisors- considered the best of the best in their psychic team- have a hand in choosing who gets to join the list. Plus, rates are shown before initiating a session, so customers know how much to spend per minute before a conversation begins. Other than these points, AskNow and Hollywood Psychics are not too far apart.