Oranum Vs. AskNow: a Head to Head Battle

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A Quick Look at Both Companies

Oranum is an online psychic reading service that brings something fresh to the table- they focus primarily on video chat sessions, where you can have a more personal conversation with your chosen psychic. They are also the only one in the business that lets each psychic create a channel that they can broadcast to customers who choose to follow their work. Their community-based psychic ranking allows users to know who are the top performing psychics, while their various categories can help those with specific topics in mind for the session.

AskNow offers a premier psychic network with a set of advisors handpicked by their Master Psychic Managers themselves. They claim that only one in ten applicants survive the process, which goes to show their level of standard. Psychic advisors are then classified into three types, depending on their specialty, expertise, and mastery of topics.

ProsFace-to-face reading sessionsCallback scheduling
Live video broadcast from psychicsMaster Psychics are involved in applicant screening process
Comprehensive filtering toolsUser-friendly website
ConsNo phone call optionMaximum of 5 minute credit-back for unsatisfactory experience
Psychic rates are not specifiedCredit card payments only

Psychic Screening Process

Strangely enough, Oranum doesn’t give any information on how applicant psychics are listed into their website. There is no assurance that they only hire legitimate psychics and they have some sort of standard when it comes to their psychic listing. When it comes to this aspect, their lack of transparency can affect user’s trust in their service.

As for AskNow, applicants undergo a series of interviews and tests conducted by some of their Master Psychic Managers– psychics that belong to the top tier of their list. With only one out of ten applicants surviving the whole ordeal, it seems that their process is strict and quite difficult. It’s too bad that they don’t give out the step by step process so that the details would’ve been clearer, but knowing that they do have a psychic screening process in place is enough to remove doubts of scammers and con artists in their website.

The Winner: AskNow

Filtering Tools Available

Aside from a search toolbar, the Oranum psychic page is showered with filtering options, including language, rating, and specific sub-categories under each topic and tool. For example, Tarot and Cards contain angel, gypsy, and rune cards; while Rituals and Energies include chakra, crystal, and holistic healing. There are other unclassified categories as well, such as angel communication, animal psychic, coffee reading, and pendulum. These filters work real-time as well– the results page at the back of the menu reacts accordingly to your choices.

oranum filter

Meanwhile, AskNow pales in comparison when it comes to filtering tools– you can only filter by availability, reading type, advisor type and price, and several categories (love and relationship, money and finance, career and goals, tarot readers, spiritual guides, numerology, astrology readings, past lives, and dream analysis). Plus, their reading type differs from other psychic services’ tools in the sense that theirs refer to communication channels such as phone and chat, while others mean the conversation style of the psychics.

asknow filter

The Winner: Oranum

Session Rates

This is where Oranum lags behind by a little bit, since they do not reveal the psychic’s rates until you’ve chosen a specific one. This is due to the fact that they let the psychics set the charges themselves. We only know that private session rates range from between 0.49 to 9.99 credits/ minute. Their subscription rates for each psychic broadcast channel also varies, ranging from 0.99 credits per 2 weeks to 14.99 credits per 2 weeks.

AskNow keeps their pricing system simple: it is dependent on the psychic advisor classification, with each range clearly set for each level. Top rated advisors cost around $3.99 to $9.99 per minute, elite advisors at $10 to $12.99 per minute, and master advisors ranging from $13 a minute and up.

The Winner: AskNow

Reading Channels

Oranum differs a lot from the usual online reading sessions, since they are focused on live video streaming and conversations. You are free to participate in a text chat session with any psychic, but initiating a personal reading entails charges. The psychic’s camera is always on, so when you talk to them, you can see and hear them live. Customers need not to have their camera open while having a reading, but are very much allowed to do so, for a face-to-face reading session.

oranum live

On the other hand, AskNow offers the usual channels, phone call and chat when engaging in a reading session with one of their psychics. If your psychic of choice is currently engaged, you can schedule a callback for convenience. They don’t have video calls, though, so you’re pretty much restricted to these options.

asknow channels

The Winner: Oranum

Payment Methods

Aside from the usual payment methods like debit and credit cards, and PayPal, Oranum also accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other altcoins, including Ethereum, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, and 50 others. Meanwhile, AskNow keeps things traditional in this aspect, accepting only major credit cards. It would’ve been a tough fight if they had offered money transfers as a payment option, but this isn’t case.

The Winner: Oranum

Promos and Perks

Introductory offers are common in online psychic reading services– Oranum gives first-time users 9.99 free credits when they top up their account via credit card, which includes Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and JCB. They also offer free credits when you load a specific amount; for example, you’ll get an additional 1.99 credits when you buy the 27.99 credit package worth €31.99.

oranum promo

AskNow’s introductory offer doesn’t stray away from the usual– they offer $1 per minute packages in 20 and 30 minute denominations. They also add 5 extra minutes for elite/ master psychic advisors if you avail the 30-minute package.

asknow promo

The Winner: It’s a tie between Oranum and AskNow

Customer Support

If you have concerns and inquiries, you can contact Oranum’s support team via live chat, phone call, and email. They also have a separate number for billing concerns for quicker action. AskNow, on the other hand, doesn’t have the live chat option, which could’ve provided customers a more efficient and convenient solution. That said, their team is available 24/7, so you don’t need to wait for hours to get answers.

The Winner: Oranum

The Overall Winner: Oranum

Oranum may have stumbled when it comes to their unknown psychic screening process and rates obscured behind each psychic’s session, but their video streaming platform is a big influence on their win in our book. Letting customers watch what psychic advisors have to say and discuss can help create an even closer connection and understanding between the two. Face-to-face reading sessions also provide an air of transparency, as you are assured that there isn’t some script that’s just copy-pasted or repeated over and over; and seeing genuine facial reactions and body language is always a plus. Moreover, the fact that they have a comprehensive set of filtering tools and accept Bitcoins and altcoins as payment for customer convenience, makes them the clear winner in this match.