The Tools of the Trade

As previously mentioned, Market Samurai offers a wide array of useful tools. These include the Monetization Module, Find Content Module, Promotion Module and the Publish Content Module. The Monetization Module brings back lists of available affiliate programs from Clickbank, Amazon, PayDotCom, and other affiliate networks. Find Content gives you the ability to find content from some of the biggest article directories, blogs, or news sites on the internet. It gives you detailed information such as backlinks, keyword density, date published, and how many copies of have already been published. For some directories, it automatically extracts articles in a state that is ready to publish. This is an invaluable tool because, as we know, content is king. Once you find content to publish on your website, the Promotion Module can help you look for places to advertise your content. Finally, Publish Content lets you seamlessly publish to WordPress.

Keyword Research and SEO

Market Samurai’s keyword research capabilities are pretty impressive. In addition to allowing you to explore niches and identify profitable keywords, they also provide a SEO Competition module which shows a list of current top ranking websites on Google for a specific keyword. This may seem like such a basic feature because it is only half of the equation. The other, more significant, half is that Market Research’s SEO Competition module tells you whether you have a chance of beating the current top ranking websites. It doesn’t matter if you have identified which keywords to tackle if you have no chance of unseating the current cream of the crop. With this feature, you now have a better chance to do so.

Payment and Beta


It is important to note that, as of this writing, Market Samurai is technically still in its beta phase, despite being market-ready in terms of usability. A brief note from the developers state that once the final version releases, the price of the software will go up to reflect the true value of all the tools combined. Be aware, however, that this may be a marketing tactic.

Payment Method

As of this writing it is unclear whether you can, or cannot, purchase Market Samurai using major credit cards. This is because upon clicking on the “Buy Full Version” button, you are immediately redirected to a PayPal payment page.


For only a single, one-time payment of $149 you get access to Market Samurai’s whole suite of keyword research and SEO tools. These include SEO Competition Analysis, Keyword Research, Domains (a recently added feature that helps you find new, expiring, or dropped domain names), Monetization Module, Find Content Module, Publish Content Module, and the Promotion tool. This also grants you lifetime access to future Market Samurai updates. Additionally, you can download a free trial of the software in exchange for your name and email. How functional, or even how long, you can use this free trial is, unfortunately, unclear as the website never goes into much detail. In any case, it is a nice bonus especially for those who just are interested but unsure if it is the right tool for them.

Customer Support

Unfortunately, as of this writing, there is no way to contact Market Samurai’s support team via phone. Instead, you have to submit a support ticket to the staff in order to voice your concerns. Upon purchasing the product, however, you will get priority email support to receive a personalized response.

Should you require further guidance, there is also a knowledge base, appropriately called the Dojo, where you can find relevant answers to your questions, as well as introductions, tutorials, and instructions for troubleshooting and setting up the software. There are also a handful of short, but informative, video tutorials to fully ensure that you are well equipped before using Market Samurai.

What's the Verdict on Market Samurai?

Worth It, Some Issues

Market Samurai Review 2020 – Conclusion

For website owners, ranking high in search engine results means more traffic going to them. And, of course, more traffic means more business which, in turn, leads to more profits.

However, ranking high in Google, Bing, and Yahoo is not easy and involves a lot of work. Thankfully, Market Samurai helps lighten that burden with its strong keyword research and SEO capabilities, as well as unique tools for easily finding and publishing content. If you are still on the fence regarding this product, there is a free trail available, but for only a one-time payment of $149 you probably won’t find a better deal.