For those who are interested in testing the waters, Web CEO Online offers a free subscription plan. Take note that, unlike other services, this is not a limited-time free trial. There is no limit to how long you can access your free subscription account. As expected, however, you will only get a small taste of what the service offers. This includes only 2 allowed active projects, 6 keywords tracked by Rank Checker, only 3 allowed pages for scan depth in Rank Checker, 200 allowed pages to crawl, 4 keywords monitored by Social Buzz, and 40 backlinks to analyze. Becoming a paid member will, of course, significantly raise these limits, as well as give you access to more features.

For those who wish to get more out of Web CEO’s services, there are four paid membership schemes available. The Startup plan costs $99 per month, and is the most basic of all the paid membership schemes. This plan grants you 5 active projects, 200 allowed keywords tracked, 5,000 pages to crawl, 5,000 allowed backlinks analyzed, 7,500 competitor’s backlinks analyzed, 25 keywords monitored by Social Buzz, weekly scheduled report scanning, branded SEO reports, and multi-user access.

Next up is the Corporate plan, which costs $199 per month. This just raises the limits of allowed pages, keywords, and backlinks of the Startup Plan, while offering nothing new.

The Agency Fixed is in the same vein, raising the limits significantly for $499 per month.

Lastly, the Agency Unlimited, or the Professional plan, removes almost all of the limits, as well as granting access to your very own branded SEO tools for your custom domain. This plan is different from the others before it since you get to choose which features you want to use. If, for example, you only wish to make use of the keyword tracking features, you will only have to pay the $99 monthly fee plus the corresponding fee for the feature you chose. It might seem a little confusing having to keep track of how much each individual feature costs so, thankfully, there is a handy cost calculator in Web CEO’s website so you can see which combination of services best suit your budget.

Other Features

In addition to the usual features found in most SEO tools, Web CEO Online can also do the following: website auditing for dead links and SEO errors, goes through numerous blogs and social media sites to identify keywords that are associated with your brand, directory submission to search engines, creates a  checklist of SEO tasks with detailed descriptions of why said task is important, and many more.

Customer Support

Web CEO Online offers both email and live chat support. There are also toll-free numbers for US and UK residents to contact, as well as numbers for international clients and fax. On top of that there is also  an extensive FAQ section and numerous guides to help you get started.

What's the Verdict on Web CEO Online?

Worth It, Some Issues

Web CEO Online Review 2020 – Conclusion

Web CEO Online is one of the leading SEO tools in the market today, offering a comprehensive suite of tools, as well as White Label Domain functionality aimed at SEO specialists and companies. Moreover, it is a wonderfully thought out and well designed product that both newcomers and veterans alike will find it a joy to use, making their work that much more efficient.

As an added bonus, the free subscription plan does not have a limit on how long you can access it so now is the perfect time to take a tour of Web CEO Online.