WooRank Dashboard

WooRank is a web-based service so all you need to do is to log-into your account and access the online dashboard. The dashboard itself is very intuitive and easy to use, which includes various technical information that can be used to see how well a website is performing. When you access the Visitors section of the Dashboard, for example, you can see how many website visits you get once it has been linked to your Google Analytics account. You can also see how well the ranking of your website is with Google Searches based on the selection of keywords that you have. You also get an idea of the average position of the result of each keyword to help you compare performance to other competing websites. The Dashboard also allows you to see the websites that link back to your own to see if you need to have more partnerships or campaigns. This also works by giving you insight into the backlinks of competing websites to help you see why they could be getting more traffic. The Dashboard, finally, features a social trend section where you can get additional suggestions for social media campaigns by providing the URL of your Facebook site and the like.

Pricing and Features

There are three WooRank subscriptions that you can choose from, depending on your business’ needs. The Pro Plan is the lowest subscription they offer and allows for a single user, with unlimited technical site analysis and unlimited classic reviews. You also get advanced data for a single site including: Integrated Google Analytics and Search Console data, Facebook Insights Sync, Custom Keyword Tracking, Uptime Monitoring and Alerts, Competitor Evaluation with Keyword Monitoring and analysis of 100 backlinks. This plan is great for individuals and only costs $49 a month or $470 for annual billing.

The Premium Plan offers the same features as the Pro Plan with the addition of being able to customize reports and have an unlimited number of downloaded reports. You also get advanced data for 5 sites instead of 1 and offers more monitoring features and an unlimited number of White Label PDFs a month. It costs $149 a month and $1,430 for annual billing. You can try the Pro and Premium plans’ features for free for 14 days to see if they can meet the needs of your business.

Lastly, the Enterprise Plan as a custom fitted plan to meet the needs of large companies and offers the same features as the Premium plan with the option to have multiple users. For pricing on the Enterprise Plan, you would have to get in touch with WooRank directly for a price quote of a subscription with the features that suite your business. Pricing for the Enterprise plan starts at $249 and higher.

Customer Support

The main option WooRank offers for customer support is a FAQ section on their website where users can read articles about the basics, WooRank Features, Billing Concerns or about WooRank experts. There is also a section with helpful tutorial videos that you can access at any time and an online form where you can submit an inquiry or concern then wait for an email reply. As mentioned, they do not offer any live chat or telephone support.

What's the Verdict on Woorank?

A Must Try

WooRank Review 2020 – Conclusion

WooRank offers a user-friendly means of gathering useful analytics and information about a website to help improve a company’s online marketing approach. Whether you are an individual running your own small business or a large corporation in need of marketing help, WooRank can help you out. Their pricing is very affordable for a wide range of businesses and they even offer a 14 day free trial of their platform so you can test it out for yourself. The platform is completely web-based so you can get right ahead to using it on any computer, laptop or device with access to an internet browser. Need to rank higher in search results? Go ahead and check out WooRank today.