WordStream Premium Pricing

WordStream prices its plans according to your monthly advertising budget, with special pricing if you intend to use the agency-scale version of WordStream’s software. You can pay monthly on a 6-month or 12-month term. If you’d like to score a discount, you can opt to pay upfront for a year-long contract.

WordStream’s prices come in five brackets for regular users and four brackets for agency clients. You’ll get access to the same features regardless of your bracket; it’s just that WordStream designs its fees to conform to your advertising budget.

Here’s a look at what you can expect from the different payment and contract term options:

Monthly Ad Spend6-Month Term12-Month TermAnnual Pre-Pay
Up to $2.5K$299/mo$264/mo$2928/year


$2.5K – $5K$429/mo$374/mo$4008/year


$5K – $10K$529/mo$464/mo$4968/year


$10K – $25K*$789/mo$694/mo$7428/year


< $10KCustom pricing

*for regular users only; not applicable for agency accounts