Best Accounting Software for Small Business 2019

Big companies usually have several accountants to balance their books and file their paperwork; which is not a surprise since they have more than enough funds to afford such. But what of the little guys? Small businesses do not have the same resources as big companies do, so most won’t be able to afford hiring an accountant, let alone several, for their bookkeeping needs.

And sometimes, if you’re starting or have started your own business, you will need to do your own accounting — at least at the beginning. Good thing there’s a lot of accounting software online that are great for small businesses to help you with your accounting needs. We’ve checked them out and researched them thoroughly so you can get the best accounting software for you!


Sage 50

1st9.8 out of 10$249.00 Per Year

Sage 50 Review

A flexible small business accounting software that allows you to easily generate reports, manage payroll and employee data, inventory, and much more.Full Sage 50 Review »


2nd9.6 out of 10$12.95 Per Month

QuickBooks Review

One of the premiere choices for small business accounting software that, as their name suggests, offers quick and easy way accounting functions.Full QuickBooks Review »


3rd9.4 out of 10$9.95 One Time

FreshBooks Review

One of the top small business accounting software around with many useful features, affordable pricing options and intuitive interface.Full FreshBooks Review »


4th9.2 out of 10$20.00 Per Month

Xero Review

Although they are one of the more expensive accounting software options, they provide a very useful product with various features and benefits.Full Xero Review »

AccountEdge Pro

5th9 out of 10$399.00 One Time

AccountEdge Pro Review

An affordable small business accounting software that is easy to use and also comes in a handy mobile application.Full AccountEdge Pro Review »


6th8.8 out of 10$9.00 Per Month

Zoho Review

A complete accounting software from a well-known digital software company that allows you to take control of your business' books.Full Zoho Review »


7th8.8 out of 10$70.00 Per Month

LessAccounting Review

Do more with Less as LessAccointing offers a simple and easy to use software that has various features and benefits.Full LessAccounting Review »


8th8.6 out of 10$9.00 Per Month

WorkingPoint Review

A useful software that allows individuals to conduct accounting functions in their small businesses or start-ups.Full WorkingPoint Review »


9th8.6 out of 10$12.95 Per Month

Kashoo Review

A simple accounting software that individuals can take advantage of and can also meet the needs of larger businesses/Full Kashoo Review »


10th8.6 out of 10Free

Wave Review

A 100%, absolutely, completely free accounting software that any can use for as long as they need it.Full Wave Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

A Few Things to Consider

Small business accounting software come in all shapes and sizes, so you will be glad to know that we have done a great chunk of the legwork so you won't have to sift through dozens upon dozens of options out there. Our top ten list above compiles the very best in the industry; and it even contains some really helpful information regarding each software in order to help you make an informed decision. Here are some of them explained in further detail:

Pricing and Free Trial: Every company has their own pricing scheme, and this holds true for small business accounting software. Some offer really affordable monthly subscriptions, while others only offer annual subscriptions. And then there are those that buck the trend and offer a one-time payment scheme as well as a completely free service! Speaking of free, all the companies on our list provide generous free trials so you can see if the software is a good fit for you company or not without having to shell out some cash beforehand.

Notable Features: What makes a truly outstanding accounting software for small businesses? Is it the ability to easily generate and export reports? Is it payroll or inventory management features? Or perhaps it's the ability to take your accounting tasks on the go thanks to a handy mobile app? Our list covers each accounting software's notable features so you can choose which one fits with your business' needs perfectly. Because, let's face it, it is ultimately up to you to decide what truly makes an exceptional accounting software.

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