20 Subscription Boxes Dads Will Love

Father’s Day is fast approaching, and while you might have some gift ideas that have stood the test of time–from coffee mugs to cuff links–nothing beats a genuine and thoughtful surprise that really show how much you know the recipient. Subscription boxes are just that; if you choose the right one, that is. These are gifts that your grandfather, father or partner can look forward to and enjoy month after month, long after Father’s Day has come and gone.

You can check out our list of the best subscription boxes for men–there are some great ideas there–but for suggestions that are tailor-fit to the specific interests and passions of the man of the house, check out our carefully compiled list below. Show the special man in your life that you care by giving him a gift subscription; give him a recurring gift that he would never have though to get for himself.

Gifts for a Distinguished Gentleman

Of course, every respectable father is a gentleman, but there are some men who really love to go all the way with it. If you’re dealing with someone who loves dressing up and looking smart, and has a penchant for what’s classic and worldly, he might enjoy these subscription boxes. There are many services that curate monthly collections for gentlemen; it’s one of the more popular sub genres. Here are some of our favorites.



Top Pick: Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post CigarsMake sure the father in your life is always ahead of the trend with Bespoke Post. Its themed  Boxes of Awesome contains limited edition and unique items that are meant to fuel a love for the traditional and a thirst for discovery–perfect for the gentleman who may not have the time  or means to seek out old and potentially new favorite grooming, fashion and lifestyle products. Subscriptions starts at $45, and each box is guaranteed to be worth over $70–if all items are bought at retail price separately.

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Gentleman’s Box

This service is similar to Bespoke Post, but curates collections with quirkier and more fun themes; and it also includes a subscription to GQ magazine. Subscriptions start at $25, and you even get free shipping if you’re in the US.

Urban Dapper Club

With more of a focus on fashion and grooming, this service promises to punch up the dashing and debonair nature of the box recipient’s wardrobe and general style. Starting at $25, you get six items in each monthly package.


Victorybox is a less expensive option, but boxes also contain less–only up to four items. The man in your life will get ties, pocket squares, and even grooming products like lip balm and aftershave. Starts at $16.

Hail to the Chef

Some dads love cooking and enjoying food and beverages–whether it’s a summer outdoor barbecue or a cozy family steak dinner, or even just knocking back a few of his favorite beers with his buddies during game night. Comparakeet has a great list of the best food subscription boxes around, which you can check out for more ideas that fathers can enjoy with the rest of the family. However, our top picks for foodie dads are listed below.



Top Pick: Mouth

To be perfectly honest, Mouth takes the top spot for foodie moms, too–check out our article on subscription boxes moms will love–but this double achievement is well-deserved. With many different boxes all offering the best products from small-batch and independent food makers from the US, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Whether your dad has a sweet tooth or a liking for different kinds of alcohol–or even something like pickles!–there’s a box available, curated by Mouth. To leave the choice up to the recipient, get him a gift card; from $25 to $500 in value.

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Starting at $49, Mantry’s subscription boxes are themed and packed with high quality, artisanal food products. If you want to give the man in your life a little bit of everything instead of focusing on one single type of food or drink, this is a great alternative to Mouth.

Carnivore Club

Unlike Mouth or Mantry, Carnivore Club sources box contents from all over the world; and it’s perfect for meat-loving men. Each time a package is delivered–you can choose not to go with a monthly schedule, so as not to suffer from oversupply–he’ll receive four to six cuts of cured meat from top sources. Starts at $55 for a single box.

Beer of the Month Club

Some men have a favorite brand of beer, and that’s it. Some are more adventurous; and if the father in question is one of the those, you may want to get him one of several types of beer of the month club subscriptions available. Starts at $27.95 plus $15 for shipping and handling.

Rewarding Sportsmanlike Behavior

Have a father wanting to get fit and healthy? Maybe you have a partner that plays football or basketball with his friends, or a business man who closes deals at the golf course. Yes, there’s always the tried and tested big ticket items, gym memberships and prepaid lessons; but for something in the same spirit, with a little bit more excitement, subscription boxes do the trick. Sports is another area that subscription boxes really have taken to completely; there are multiple offerings for almost every sport! Here are some ideas for the aspiring athletes in your life.



Top Pick: Compete Crate

Compete Crate doesn’t play around when it comes to sports. They offer box subscriptions for running, golf, tennis, basketball, and even yoga and training–starting at $30 per month, plus shipping. This is the perfect gift for consistent athletes who need small items replaced or added to their arsenal every now and then. Get a monthly supply of balls, athletic wear and more; and make getting and staying fit more fun for that special dad.

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Plate Crate

Have a baseball player in the house? Plate Crate provides athletic gear, training aids, and other related items, month after month. Each box contains anywhere from three to five items, and is sure to take the game to the next level. Starts at $29.


A little more expensive than others, starting at $46 a month, BirdieBox is nevertheless still worth it. Each monthly box is guaranteed to be worth a retail value of at least $100; and contains golf gear and other related lifestyle and nutritional products.

Hockey Players Club

This service is straight to the point, sending hockey essentials to your man’s doorstep regularly. Completely customizable–down to the frequency of delivery and the amount and kind of tape–Hockey Players Club’s subscription starts at just $4, with free shipping.

For Craftsmen and Tinkerers

If your father or partner is the type to keep a toolbox handy, or likes working with his hands on projects, a subscription box that appeals to his DIY nature may be the best gift. Whether he’s a woodworking fanatic, an electronics nut, or just someone who likes fixing things around the house, chances are that he’ll appreciate an additional set of tools and equipment each month.



Top Pick: The Handy Box

The Handy Box starts at $21.95, plus $7 for shipping and handling, but promises a total retail value of at least $40. Each package contains tools and gadgets that everyone will find useful–from beginner to expert. If the man of the house is obsessed with using the exact tool for the exact purpose, or just like tinkering here and there, the Handy Box will be perfect. He’ll never leave a project or repair job unfinished again.

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Get To Work

This service caters to a wide range of customers; it offers six differently curated boxes, with monthly fees ranging from $25 to $300! The basic one contains small tools and gadgets, plus some work gear–guaranteed no dollar store, useless items–and the most expensive box even contains power tools.

Skill Junkies

Each month, Skill Junkies delivers a starter kit for a new skill to learn–from programming to lock picking. This is perfect for people who love learning new things. Sadly, it’s only available in the UK and parts of Europe, although the service has said that they’re expanding to the US soon. Starts at £29.95.


If computers, electronics and technology are more appealing to your dad or partner, HackerBoxes will be a better fit; compared to other, more common DIY monthly kits. Each month, a box filled with tools, components and other gear will arrive at his doorstep. Starts at $44; and some projects may require coding skills or the ability to do basic soldering.

Gearing up for the Great Outdoors

Whether a man’s love for nature and being away from the confines of the city is expressed through camping, hiking or fishing–or possibly all three and more–the outdoors can be an unforgiving environment. Sometimes, outdoorsy men love going on trips with family; but sometimes, solitude can be a preference, too. A subscription box that allows him to focus on the task at hand, instead of worrying about supplies, will help immensely–and will keep him in good hands even when you’re not around.



Top Pick: Cairn

Cairn is a top of the line subscription box service that delivers a collection of innovative outdoor gear, apparel, food, skincare and medical supplies to your doorstep every month; it even notes if the intended recipient is a vegetarian, and adjusts food items included accordingly. As far as camping enthusiasts go, this is a must. The service promises to give you new and full-sized products, and provides a total retail value of at least $35 for a monthly fee starting at $25.

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Similar to Cairn, Nomadik is all-around support for an outdoors and camping lifestyle; but with a focus on promoting sustainability and conservation. For each purchase, the service donates to organizations to help the planet. Starts at $30, with a promised retail value of up to $50.


Depending on the plan–basic costs $24.99 plus shipping and handling–a BattlBox can be filled with up to a dozen items: survival manuals, emergency supplies, and EDC (Every Day Carry) or tactical gear. Less outdoorsy and more survivalist in theme, it’s nevertheless useful when you’re out on your own in the wild.

Lucky Tackle Box

More specific than Cairn, Nomadik and even BattleBox, this service is solely for the fishing enthusiast. Several box subscriptions are available, curated depending on the fish the recipient likes to catch; from bass to trout, and even for fly fishing. Your father or partner will get products that professional anglers use–bait, hooks, and even incidentals like stickers and magazines. Price depends on the kind of box chosen, but just as an example: the BassXL box starts at $24.99 and contains at least eight items.