8 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To a Subscription Box

One thing in life is inevitable. Things will always change. Something that is currently changing is the way we shop. People have shopped more online than at brick + mortar stores. Within that bubble of online shopping has emerged the all-powerful subscription box. You should consider subscribing to one. After reading this you may realize that you need a subscription box.

If you’re into fashion, food, gaming, there is a subscription box for you. They have grown in popularity, and a subscription box exists for almost everything. So what is a subscription box? It’s a service that you subscribe to that delivers a curated box of items to your doorstep every month.

When you subscribe, you will pick a plan. Most subscription box companies have a monthly, 3-month, 6-month, or annual plan. Some only offer a quarterly box. After you select your plan, you will create a profile. Some forms are short and sweet while others are longer that ask you about your clothing size, interests, and taste. Once you complete your profile, and submit your credit card information, you will begin to receive boxes.

People subscribe to subscription boxes for a variety of reasons. Some people subscribe to discover new brands. Other people subscribe for convenience. Subscription boxes can add savings to people’s expenses. Some people subscribe to a subscription box for reasons they do not know. For the rest of this post we will go over six reasons why people need a subscription box service.


The best part of subscription boxes is discovering new brands and products. For example, the Gentleman’s Box partners with micro-brands that offer men’s fashion accessories. Many boxes follow the same format. You will find new products to love and the opportunity to expand your tastes.

Rather than spending hours searching the web for new products, a subscription box can give you a sample of products. You will save the time you would have spent searching, thanks to expert curators. They speed up the process, and handpick the items for you!

Speciality Items

Subscription boxes will curate boxes with products across the globe. Some of these products you cannot access anywhere else. Many box companies have their own brands that make their own products. Some brands that partner with box companies also make products only for the box. You can have one of a kind products when you subscribe to subscription box. If you’re a collector, then some specialty items will make great novelty items or antiques some day. For example, Five Four Club makes their own clothing and handpicks their exclusive items as a monthly outfit.


A subscription box prices range between $10-$100. Boxes will have an average of four to six items in each box every month. Each individual item will have a higher retail price compared to when you buy the box. For example, an individual tie may cost $25, but a men’s accessory box that has that same tie only costs $25 a month. You will get more, for less. Most boxes will have an average retail value of $100. So if a box costs $25 a month with a retail value of $100, you save $75 every month.

Subscription boxes will also have promotions and discounts exclusively for members. If you fall in love with a new brand, they might have provided you with a coupon code to their store. Rather than researching the brand and paying full price, you can sample a product from the brand with the box. Then proceed to buy the brand’s online store if you choose. But subscription box companies offer individual products from a particular brand for a lower price too.


Besides saving money, you also save time. Many people dislike shopping. Other people do not have the time to make an extra trip to the store. Some people worry about running out of necessities such as razors. Subscription boxes take away that worry since the products come to you. Yet many people like to buy in bulk, but that takes up too much space in the home. Subscription boxes provide a lean approach to shopping. You get what you need, and you have extra time to spend on your hobbies.

Fulfill Your Passions

Many subscription boxes cater to people’s hobbies and passions. Boxes such as LootCrate provide subscribers with memorabilia from their favorite movies and video games. Blue Apron delivers meals to people who enjoy cooking. The Hippie Hobby Box provides projects for DIY enthusiasts to do every month. Whatever you love to do most likely has a subscription box.

loot crate subscription box

 Element of Surprise

One nice perk is the element of surprise when you subscribe to a subscription box service. You never know what you will get in the box until it arrives at your doorstep. This builds excitement and anticipation towards your box every month.

Treat Yourself

With our always busy lives, a sub box gives us the chance to relax and enjoy something for ourselves. An element of surprise can be a way a treat yourself. The products in the box can help you achieve your goals or make you smile. You deserve to do something for you. We recommend that you subscribe to a box that will make your life better.

They Make Great Gifts

If you already subscribe to one or more services then you should consider gifting a box to a relative. Most if not all subscription box services offer gift options. Your loved one will love a subscription box as a gift. Why? It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Companies will have options to gift one time, three months, six months, and annually.