Charms Program

BoxyCharm offers a rewards program where you can earn Charms (their version of points) that you can use for discounts or free items. Once you are registered with BoxyCharm, you can easily earn charms by a number of different ways such as writing product reviews (50 charms each), referring a friend (500 charms each), and maintaining an account with them (250 charms each month you are active).

Once you have earned charms, you can easily redeem them for items by following these simple steps:

  1. View your Charm Balance on your Account Dashboard and Click on “Choose My Reward”.
  2. Click the Reward that you would like to purchase using your Charm balance.
  3. Click to confirm that you would like to claim the reward that you have chosen.
  4. Click “Okay” to confirm that you have redeemed your reward!
  5. Choose any product that you would like to purchase from the Shop and add it to your cart.
  6. View your cart by clicking the Cart Icon on the upper right hand corner of your page.
  7. Your Reward(s) will automatically be applied upon checkout.
  8. Or, you can click back to your account preferences to view any unclaimed rewards.

The Charms Program is a great way to get free items by just simply inviting friends and writing reviews on all the products that you get from your monthly subscription.