Pricing and Features

Love with Food has three different boxes for their subscription service. First is the Tasting Box, which packs 8 different snacks which are either organic or all-natural, GMO-free, gluten-free or free of artificial junk. A monthly plan costs $9.99, a 3-month plan is at $8.99 per month billed at $26.97, a 6-month plan costs $8.50 a month billed one-time at $51, and the annual plan at $7.99 a month billed at $95.88 each year. Each box donates one meal to the food banks for hungry children across the US.

The Deluxe Box includes 16 to 20 different tasty treats per package and includes the same ingredient criteria as with the previous box. This one gives 2 meals to hungry children for every box delivered. The monthly plan starts at $19.95, the 3-month plan costs $18.99 per month ($56.97), the 6-month plan is at $17.99 a month ($107.94), and the annual plan is pegged at $16.50 a month ($198).