Pricing and Features

NatureBox offers flexibility in the quantity and shipping schedule of their snacks, meaning you can choose from 5 or 10 snacks per package. So if you don’t frequently munch on snacks, you can choose only 5 snacks per package, or if you happen to find yourself craving for a bite or two every x number of hours, you can opt to have 10 snacks per package and be filled for the rest of the period until your next delivery comes. Likewise, you can choose the frequency of deliveries, where you can get your snacks weekly, every 2 weeks, or every month. The subscription cost per package for ordering 5 snacks is $19.95, while choosing $10 snacks will yield $32.95. They do offer occasional discounts for new members, so it would be wise to be on the constant look out for these promos if you wish to save on subscription costs.