Best Monthly Subscription Boxes for Kids 2019

Kids don’t really get a lot of mail, and they probably prefer it that way. They might change their tune, if they start getting their very own subscription boxes every month, though! Subscription boxes for children may be filled with favorite toys or books, outfits or costumes, healthy and unique snacks, and even kits for interests like cooking or crafts.

Parents looking for their kids to join in the excitement of subscription boxes are in for a treat, too. Many boxes have parent-and-child activities, and have contents that will entertain even adults that happen to be kids at heart! There are also options for children of any age: newborns, toddlers—all the way up to teens.

Check out our reviews and see which subscription boxes are perfect for your children.

Kiwi Crate1st9.8 out of 10$16.95 Per Month

Kiwi Crate Review

Kiwi Crate offers lots of fun and creative activities that you can enjoy with your children at reasonable prices.Full Kiwi Crate Review »

Little Passports

2nd9.8 out of 10$13.95 Per Month

Little Passports Review

Little Passports gives you ways to entertain and educate your child about the world, in a fun and creative way.Full Little Passports Review »


3rd9.6 out of 10$12.99 Per Month

Pley Review

Pley is an economical way for your child to enjoy the thrill of playing with new toys. You can rent one toy at a time for just a small monthly fee.Full Pley Review »


4th9.2 out of 10Varies

GiftLit Review

GiftLit offers a highly customizable subscription box service great for instilling or nurturing a child's passion for reading.Full GiftLit Review »

Little Pnuts

5th8.8 out of 10$25.00 Per Month

Little Pnuts Review

Little Pnuts is dedicated to providing a selection of only high quality toys that allow your child to develop their cognitive and motor skills.Full Little Pnuts Review »


6th8.4 out of 10$34.00 Per Month

Bluum Review

With Bluum you can sign up for subscription boxes and get samples monthly, or you can check out their shop and purchase the items individually.Full Bluum Review »
Ivy Kids7th7.8 out of 10$38.95 Per Month

Ivy Kids Review

Ivy Kids allows you to enjoy endless hours of fun and learning with your child through their tried and tested activities.Full Ivy Kids Review »


8th7.4 out of 10$19.99 Per Month

Foodstirs Review

Foodstirs has specially designed food kits that make for interesting and enjoyable baking experiences that you and your child can share.Full Foodstirs Review »


9th7.4 out of 10$29.95 Per Month

FabKids Review

Here's a great subscription service offering new, exclusively designed clothes and outfits every month for your fashionable child.Full FabKids Review »
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How Does a Subscription Box for Kids Work?

It is important for children to experience a variety of things as they start exploring and learning about the world around them. The subscription services on our list reflect a good mix of what's out there to help broaden their horizons.

Each company usually focuses on specific aspects of a kid's life: the books they read, the toys they play with, learning and educational materials, grooming products, or the food they eat/cook. Monthly questionnaires also take into account your child's age and stage of development, which helps in creating a more appropriate experience for them.

There are certain services that are more suited to a particular age group, so make sure that you are subscribing to a service that is age-appropriate! Boxes may be curated and sent based on specific themes for the month; or may be completely based on customizations you make to better suit your child's taste.

What Makes a Great Box Subscription for Kids?

Curated or not, subscription boxes for kids are often already so personalized that there's little to consider that's not in the realm of the obvious.

Of course we want subscription boxes that are easy to customize, easy to pay for, and easy to cancel. Of course we want delivery dates to be consistent. Of course we'd enjoy a diverse number of items in each box. But in the end, whatever the subscription box holds, it should be a collection of products and samples that interest and bring joy to your child.

Best Baking and Cooking Subscription Box for Kids

What should you look for in a great box subscription for your budding baker or chef? A non-negotiable is having a trusted supplier of quality edible products that cater to food sensitivities and allergies. Plus points for offering kosher, halal and/or ethically sourced options.

You also want to make sure that the subscription box is fun! A collection of ingredients with a detailed recipe, like what Blue Apron offers, may be great for busy grownups—but for kids? They will want more than simple instructions.

Collectible tools and toys, patches and other wearable merch, and accompanying games or non-culinary activities are just some things that high quality boxes include. Look for extras like these.

Here are our top two recommendations for picking out the best cooking subscription box for your child:

  • Foodstirs, which was launched by celebrity mom Sarah Michelle Gellar. Read our Foodstirs subscription box review!
  • Raddish, a which calls itself a cooking club and curriculum for kids. There is more emphasis on "edible education" here, but it is still a fun-filled box subscription.

Best Book Subscription Box for Kids

It's relatively easy to shop for a little bookworm. Both online and brick and mortar bookstores usually have children and YA sections that are well-organized. Why depend on a box subscription, especially if your child is a picky reader?

It may interest you to know that this idea actually traces its roots back almost a century! The Book of the Month Club has been around since the 1920s and is widely regarded as an early forerunner of the subscription box business model.

What kind of enhanced experience would a book subscription box offer? A subscription would provide convenience, constancy and customization. You may not always have time to research and pick out age appropriate books for your child. A subscription takes care of that for you!

Here are our top two recommendations for picking out the best book subscription box for your child:

  • GiftLit is basically Book of the Month Club analog for children and teenagers. The books also come wrapped and tied with a ribbon—like an actual gift. Read our GiftLit subscription box review!
  • Prime Book Box is retailer giant Amazon's book subscription box for children. You can choose from four age ranges—from 0-2 to 9-12 years—and have the boxes delivered monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

Best Arts and Crafts Subscription Box for Kids

Thinking of arts and crafts projects that you can do with your children isn't always easy. You have to take into account how much time you need to set aside, supplies you need to buy, and if the activity is age appropriate.

It can be frustrating to put together something that you think is special and unique, only for your child to not like it or to refuse to participate! That's why an art subscription box for kids—with guides, supplies, and everything else needed in one handy package—are so popular.

A craft subscription box for kids is ideal for busy but attentive parents that want to create great family quality time memories and also nurture the artistic abilities of their little ones.

Here are our top two recommendations for picking out the best arts and crafts subscription box for your child:

  • Ivy Kids is actually a book subscription and craft subscription in one. A box contains a book along with over 10 themed activities, game and projects for a whole month's worth of curated family fun. Read our Ivy Kids subscription box review!
  • We Craft Box, as the name implies, is more focused on developing actual crafting skills and encouraging imagination and creativity. Boxes have supplies that can be shared between two children, too.

Best Science Subscription Box for Kids

All children should be treated like little learners! Kids that love to cook, read and make art should still be encouraged to learn about science and math. These two are essential educational building blocks.

As grownups, we know this! We use science and math in the kitchen, in the workplace, and many other daily situations and settings. An enhanced understanding of science and math from a young age would give your children a great early advantage.

Children should be exposed at an early age to the wonders of science and math, but it need to be fun and exciting! You don't want kids to find math and science boring or associate learning about them only with school stuff.

Here are our top two recommendations for picking out the best science subscription box for your child:

  • Kiwi Crate offers subscription boxes that encourage well-rounded learning. There's room for math and science, as well as arts and crafts! They also offer a subscription box for an age group that's often ignored in these types of products for children: 9-16+ years. Read our Kiwi Crate subscription box review! 
  • Little Passports may at first seem like location-themed and geared toward learning about geography, but it's so much more than that. In particular, they offer a Science Expeditions box for voracious learners 9 years old and above. Read our Little Passports subscription box review!
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