Wrapped Like a Gift

GiftLit’s name is quite appropriate, not just because you are giving the gift of reading to your little tyke, but also because each book that you receive per month is actually wrapped in deep red paper with a white ribbon – which, effectively, makes each book a monthly gift.

More than that, they also include a complimentary gift card, as well as a set of personalized bookplates – one for each month of your gift. The card, as well as the bookplates, are also printed with your personalized message, which makes it even more special.

Of course, not everyone will want to have their books wrapped month after month, or at all, which is why it’s also great that GiftLit offers flexibility when it comes to wrapping options.

You can choose to have every month’s book wrapped, or only the first book, or even skip the wrapping altogether. While this isn’t a groundbreaking feature, options are always a plus.