Perks and Features

Little Passports is primarily a box subscription service, though they do have an online store and additional items available for parallel educational uses of their products. While these additions may not necessarily be useful to you, it’s a great way to widen the reach of their brand and vision. If you enjoy your own monthly subscription, you may want to share your thoughts with your child’s school and see if they may want to subscribe to Little Passports, too.

Homeschool Resources

Can you believe that Little Passports offers free homeschool resources to complement one of their subscriptions? At absolutely no cost, you can download their especially developed study guides for the first six months of the World Edition subscription. Parents and guardians will be able to find easy ways to integrate Little Passports subscription materials into lessons plans using these guides. Included in the added content: engagement activities, pop quizzes, printables and other bonus stuff.

Classroom Resources

Schools and teachers can take advantage of Little Passports’ creative duration and excellent development of monthly content, too. There is a special Classroom tier (for 30 children, and for a minimum duration of six months) for the World Edition subscription, recommended for children from first to fourth grade. The materials reinforce students’ geography, reading and problem-solving skills; and for teachers, there are digital teacher guides with features similar to the homeschool study guides mentioned above.