Perks and Features

Here are the basics: Pley’s Monthly Toy Club allows parents to rent toys for their children from an inventory of over 500 items. Compared to the hundreds–maybe even thousands–of dollars you would probably spend purchasing all of these toys for your child to play with and potentially just lose interest in, Pley is a very affordable option. As an added bonus, less toy purchases also means less waste in landfills all over the world; so Pley is good for the environment, too! Also: for every new sign-up, Pley donates a toy to a child in need. How much more guilt-free can subscribing to this service be?

Toys to Keep

Sometimes, Pley offers limited edition subscriptions. As of January 2019, Pley has Disney Princess boxes in stock; each containing official Disney Princess toys, fashion accessories and activities and more. This particular subscription ships every two months, and you can pay per box or prepay for three or six at once. It’s worth noting that this limited edition box is about twice the price of one month’s subsciption to Pley’s Monthly Toy Club–and it definitely doesn’t reduce toy clutter or expenses.

Toys to Rent

The heart of Pley’s service is their rental feature, which you can use as part of your Monthly Toy Club membership. As long as you maintain a subscription to the service, you can rent one toy at a time, each for as long as you want. Pley cleans and properly sanitizes each toy before it gets sent out; and while a rented toy is with you and your child, it might receive some normal wear and tear, but you don’t have to worry about that. Pley knows how children play, and you won’t be charged extra for allowing your child to interact with a rented toy normally.