Your Style, Your Way

Each person has their own, unique, individual style, so trunks that are sent to each customer are not uniform. Trunk Club seems to have a good grasp of the importance of individuality and does it best to meet the personal preferences of each of their customers. This is done in two steps: by filling out a profile form and talking with a real-life personal stylist about what you like and dislike in terms of style.

When you sign up for an account with Trunk Club, you would first have to answer personal information about yourself such as your weight, height, waist line, shirt size, preference in jeans cut, preference in work clothes and other styling questions to help profile your personal style. After which you can chat with or schedule a call with a personal stylist. These stylists are actual people you can express your preferences to with confidence that will not impose their own sense of style, but rather help you develop your own.

Through Trunk Club you can find the best clothing options that will improve your wardrobe and develop your own unique sense of style.