Perks and Features

Unlike other subscription box services, POPSUGAR Must Have doesn’t make you answer a questionnaire or survey to help them figure out your style preferences. In fact, the service does away with this kind of profiling entirely; they focus on doing the opposite. The honor of curating the monthly (and other) POPSUGAR Must Have boxes given to POPSUGAR editors, led by co-founder Lisa Sugar.

Full Curation

While this system can be a hit-or-miss situation when it comes to customer satisfaction, subscribers seem to love the fact that the entire package is pre-built, with the items inside pre-chosen for their convenience. No decision-making involved; just pure enjoyment up ahead. If you receive an item not to your liking, the fact that the monthly box overall is of a much higher quality than most of what POPSUGAR Must Have’s peers have to offer may be enough to even things out. Besides, these boxes can be just stored somewhere until they make a reappearance as a great instant gift: a lifesaver for occasions when we’re pressed for time and can’t shop.