Best Video Editing Software 2019

Nowadays, anyone can create professional-looking videos, not only because of the impressive camera equipment available to the public, but also because of the increasingly advanced features that user-friendly video editing programs are offering. There used to be a time when top of the line software was reserved only for those in the industry; everyone else had to make do with software that provided simple effects and basic editing features. Now, there are numerous programs packed with advanced features; like multi-camera edits, filtering effects, focus shifting, and many, many more functions that can improve nearly any footage–no matter how raw. We looked at the available video editing software out in the market and found the cream of the crop. Go ahead and check them out below!

CompanyRankingRatingPriceBest forOSDescription

Final Cut Pro X

1st9.4 out of 10$299.99 One TimeAmateurs & ProfessionalsMac

Final Cut Pro X Review

Final Cut Pro X is a professional grade digital video editor easy enough for beginners to use, but it's Apple-only and requires a powerful computer.Full Final Cut Pro X Review »


2nd9.2 out of 10$399.00 One TimeAmateurs & ProfessionalsWindows

VEGAS Pro Review

From amateur video editors to professional filmmakers, Windows-only VEGAS Pro 14 has a software bundle that's best for you.Full VEGAS Pro Review »

Adobe Premiere Pro

3rd9.2 out of 10$19.99 Per MonthAmateurs & ProfessionalsMac & Windows

Adobe Premiere Pro Review

If you are looking for a comprehensive digital video editor with a subscription model, check out industry standard Adobe Premiere Pro CC.Full Adobe Premiere Pro Review »

CyberLink PowerDirector

4th9 out of 10$69.99 One TimeBeginners & AmateursWindows

CyberLink PowerDirector Review

Elegant and intuitive by design, PowerDirector 15's varied software bundles will satisfy true video editing beginners and veteran professionals alike.Full CyberLink PowerDirector Review »


5th8.8 out of 10FreeBeginnersMac

iMovie Review

Need a user-friendly, entry level video editor that’s well-maintained, well-supported and offers great value? Look no further.Full iMovie Review »

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

6th8.6 out of 10$69.99 One TimeAmateursWindows

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Review

Though not as easy to master as other video editors, this program gives you professional grade functionalities for a consumer grade price.Full MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Review »

Corel VideoStudio

7th8.4 out of 10$79.99 One TimeBeginners & AmateursWindows

Corel VideoStudio Review

While it lacks a companion mobile app, there's no denying that VideoStudio X10 is a powerful video editing program with an attractive price point.Full Corel VideoStudio Review »

Wondershare Filmora

8th8.2 out of 10$39.99 One TimeBeginnersMac & Windows

Wondershare Filmora Review

This program is intuitive, simple, and practically built for social media sharing; making it great for beginners, budding hobbyists and casual users.Full Wondershare Filmora Review »

Roxio Creator NXT

9th7.6 out of 10$99.99 One TimeBeginners & AmateursWindows

Roxio Creator NXT Review

Not the most advanced multimedia suite, but Roxio Creator NXT has everything you will need to create an adequate beginner-level home movie.Full Roxio Creator NXT Review »

YouTube Video Editor

10th7 out of 10FreeBeginnersMac & Windows

YouTube Video Editor Review

In one convenient place, you can combine, customize and have your videos uploaded directly to Youtube without the need for external tools.Full YouTube Video Editor Review »
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Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Not all video editing software are created equal, and choosing the right one for your editing needs may prove to be more difficult than you expect given the sheer number of options that you have. In this section, we identify some factors that may separate the great from the mediocre.

Interface and Features

It is crucial for the interface to be fairly easy to use and understand. Whether a program offers basic or professional features, having an organized layout can help even the most uninitiated get used to the interface in no time--which, in turn, provides a better user experience.

Tools and Effects

Video effects have become more and more sophisticated over the years. From simple transitions and animations, they have evolved to more advanced forms and uses, and have become tools of the trade when it comes to enhancing showmanship and entertainment. While you can't expect Hollywood-standard effects from consumer-level video editing software, a handful of them actually offer a wide range of effects that are used in a more professional setting. Others even offer a space where users can create and share these effects and for the whole community to use.

Social Media Sharing Integration

With the boom of social media, it has become both easy and a chore to share your videos on the numerous social media platforms available. In this regard, video editing software that can directly upload and share your finished videos to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other video streaming sites can save you time and so much effort.

Free Trial

Video editing software that offer users the chance to try them out before paying give confidence to customers that they are fully aware of what they will be getting when they do decide to pick up the software. There are trials wherein you have access to every single feature that they offer, but you can only create videos with a limited length. Some do the opposite, in that you can enjoy editing videos of unlimited length, but you only have access to a handful of features.

Customer Support

While other services usually have live chat or phone options for this, most programs open a discussion forum where users can exchange ideas and techniques in using the program. Others maintain Youtube and blog accounts for getting started guides and how-to assistance. No matter which medium is available, having a venue to discuss issues and other concerns is definitely a big plus.

Mobile App Support

What truly separates the good from the great is the ability to adapt and change with the times; and mobile app support is a good indicator of that. Video editing software with companion mobile apps can be considered twice as powerful and twice as versatile--after all, what's more convenient and conducive to creativity than being able to take part of your video editing workstation with you wherever you go? With mobile app support, you can start on a project whenever inspiration strikes--whether you're at work or off on a vacation, in line at the bank or sitting quietly during your daily commute.

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