System Requirements

Unlike Final Cut Pro X, iMovie for Mac is easy on your wallet and also easy on your weapon of choice–if you’re using an Apple product, that is. If not, then this isn’t the video editing software for you. However, if you’re a loyal PC and Android user but still want to check out iMovie, a quick trip to your nearest Apple Store should satisfy your curiosity; as this program is free and pre-installed on all new Macs and iOS devices. Just use a Mac on display to test iMovie, or ask for assistance.

There are no surprises when it comes to iMovie’s minimum system requirements. As long as your Mac has at least 2GB of RAM and is running on OS X Mavericks or a newer operating system, you should be able to edit videos using iMovie. To maximize its capabilities, though, it’s recommended that you use an upgraded Mac from beyond 2010. The 2011 model with at least 4GB of RAM is the oldest that can handle 4K video exporting. 4K playback in full resolution, however, is possible only when using a retina display-equipped iMac, as well as a Mac Pro (from 2013 or later) connected to a 4K monitor.

For the mobile app, all you need is a serviceable iOS device: an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch running at least iOS 9.3.