Pricing and Features

YouTube Video Editor is free to use for anyone who has an account, since users can only edit videos which are uploaded in their website. You can set the privacy setting of videos uploaded into your account as public, unlisted, or private. This means you can have the raw clips of your video listed in your library, hidden from the browsing community, and have it published later on and make it available for all to watch.

Ease of Use

To start editing, you can simply drag and drop the video (or audio file) into the corresponding section on the lower part of the page. You can then crop the files just by sliding the edges of the file screenshot. Cropping is made convenient because you can see the exact part of the video that will be the last to show via the player. You can also add multiple files into the editing section and have them queued up in the editor so you can focus on the editing process itself.

If you want a closer look at the file for more precise splicing, you can use the magnifying tool at the lower right portion of the screen, where the video file’s timescale will be stretched to the milliseconds. With this feature, you can be more accurate when cropping a video and transitioning it to the next clip.