Plans and Inclusions

Nextiva has three cloud-based VoIP packages. These packages are flexible and can suit the needs of your company whether you pay annualy or monthly. Your options are scalable in that as you increase calling capabilities, or opt to get additional features, your monthly flat rate increases. There are no setup fees or contracts, unless you want one. Nextiva offers a discount to encourage customers to sign a contract. There’s a conditional refund in the first 30 days after initial signup if unsatisfied with the service.

The pricing listed below serves between 5 to 19 users on a monthly contract. Keep in mind, however, for less than 5 users, you would have to pay $5 more. Alternatively, if more than 20 users are going to be using this, the price becomes $5 less. And if you sign up for an entire year, you also get $2 less.

The Office Pro Edition comes in at $29.95 per user per month. For that price you get one free local number, a free toll-free number, the Voicemail to Email feature, unlimited faxing, and more.

The Office Pro Plus, meanwhile, will set you back $32.95 per user per month. In addition to all of the features included in the Office Pro, this also gives you a professionally recorded greeting, the Team Presence feature, conferencing for up to 9 participants, and the Nextiva mobile app, which allows you to make audio and video calls and more, using your own office number.

Finally, the Office Enterpise, which goes for $39.95 per user per month, gives you all the features of the previous two plans, plus the ability to record calls, and the Nextiva Anywhere feature that lets you connect calls to any external number.

Nextiva Analytics

Nextiva Analytics was designed to help businesses succeed by providing them easy access to call data and the tools to analyze the information needed to make informed decisions. More than providing an enhanced and robust business phone service, the added value that Nextiva aims to extend to its customers are valuable insights.

Gamification is a tool included in Nextiva Analytics to encourage friendly competition among employees. The data can be used to identify and compare rankings on performance, be it in sales or attendance. This type of employee engagement leads to better productivity.

View: The ability to see call data in a number of ways including real time and historical data, map views, and custom reports. While viewing the reports, you can zone in and access individual call recordings. The data is conveniently plotted on dashboards, scorecards, and wallboards.

Analyze: Interpret the data to gain actionable insights. Nextiva is able to help customers identify patterns, gain an objective long-term view, and compare data between locations, call groups, users and phone numbers.

Act: Customers can make decisions based on actual data and analysis. You can avoid missteps in staffing, catch issues to avoid potential risks, and gain true insight into the performance of employees.

Customer Service – Video Builds Bonds

As a B2B (Business to Business) company, Nextiva knows how important it is to reach out to their customers on social media. This is not to be expected from a telecommunications giant, but they see the opportunity to disrupt the market in a way that has never been seen before. To dispel some of the notions of “bad customer service,” Nextiva attempts to respond to customer inquiries with personalized videos instead of text. Whether it’s an inquiry or a concern, Nextiva creatively answers by posting these videos featuring any one of Nextiva’s 500 employees on their social media page. The main idea behind this is: video builds bonds. It establishes human connection between the customers and the service providers.

What's the Verdict on Nextiva?

Worth It, Some Issues

Nextiva Review 2020 – Conclusion

 Nextiva’s VoIP service combines excellence and incredible US-based technical support. It’s a service that provides powerful communication capability with simplicity and ease of use. The features they offer aren’t any different from what other VoIP services can provide. But Nextiva is on the fast track for growth and they can grow with your business. It is true that in some cases, size does not matter. This is not the case with Nextiva. This is a huge company that packs a punch. And they’re still growing and improving. It isn’t any wonder though, because they’re in the business of technology. And technology is at the heart of everything. It’s what speeds up growth and innovation.