Ooma Home Automation

The Ooma Telo is a desktop router box for home phone service. This little device that could has an attractive and sleek design. It’s so small you could easily tuck it in a small corner of your desk. More than this, it has the ability to prioritize voice data and direct Internet traffic to ensure a good signal for phone calls. This is something unique to Ooma Telo, compared to other VoIP systems that just connect directly to the Internet rather than routing the signal first. In terms of reliability, as long as there’s an internet connection, you have a working phone. Meanwhile, consumer feedback verifies that set up is quick and painless, and call quality is second to none.

Just when you thought an internet-based phone service couldn’t do anything else for your home, Ooma rolled out some pretty remarkable Smart Home integrations. Ooma’s compatibility with the IFTTT protocol will allow its devices to ‘talk’ to a connected device. IFTTT stands for If This Then That – it’s basically an automation program that will enable you to connect two devices so that, when something happens with one service, a trigger goes off and an action automatically takes place in the other. The possibilities are endless with the more than 10,000 ‘Recipes’ created with these integrations.

  • Nest: You can have your Nest thermostat automatically turn on call forwarding when you leave home. When you’re home, call forwarding will be disabled and all calls will ring on your home phone. You have your own automated call-forwarding service and Nest will do it all for you. When your Nest Protect device senses smoke or carbon monoxide, Ooma will tell you. Nest motion detection service will tell you, via Ooma, if your kids aren’t home yet.
  • Dropbox and Google: Every voicemail you receive to your Ooma number will get backed up in your Dropbox. You can also log calls to a Google spreadsheet, and even listen to your voicemails from the convenience of your Gmail account. There are various Recipes you can play around with to suit your needs.
  • WeMo: Blinking lights whenever you get a voicemail or receive a call.
  • Philips Hue: Have specific lights blink to alert you on specific callers.
  • Amazon Echo and Alexa: You can initiate phone calls by number or by contact name and check voicemail.
  • Android Gear and Apple Watch: Know who’s phoning home even when you’re away. Get real-time push notifications on your Android or Apple watch when someone calls your home phone or leaves a voicemail. Connect via the IFTTT app.

Ooma in the Office

If you are a small business, Ooma Office is for you. The router that this uses is a small and secured Linux computer that has enough muscle to consistently receive and make clear calls. Even better, Ooma Office uses your internet connection in conjunction with cloud computing to provide advanced features.

Ooma Office includes flexible phone options, such as a hardware-based desk phone, IP phone, or the Ooma app for smartphone users on Android and iOS. The system also includes business features such as conferencing, virtual fax extensions, and extension dialing.

What's the Verdict on Ooma?

A Must Try

Ooma Review 2020 – Conclusion

No matter how you configure yourself as a business, whether you’re an on-the-go road warrior or you’re more of a traditional home- office, Ooma has the capability to meet your needs. You can use an Ooma product to cover all those bases. It’s for those consumers who embrace the old school ways of the landline, like call screening and answering machine features, but don’t mind the newer features like sending voicemail to email and SMS.

Ooma has a specific niche-market in mind. They’re very goal-oriented and realistic as a company. They want to position themselves as an opening price-point for those small businesses (under-20 users, micro-business) that need a decent but enterprise-level communication system at an affordable cost. Ooma has a very easy-to-manage business solution that doesn’t take a lot of time and investment to set up. At the end of the day, they offer a lot of benefits that outweigh the few issues the service has.