Pricing’s plan and pricing options are the most varied and flexible in the market. It’s also a definite advantage that they’ve laid out all the options on their website. This makes it easier for the customers to peruse and pick a plan that will match their needs.

They offer unlimited local and long-distance calling for $19.95 a month, with no annual contract. This is on par with the rates other providers offer. even gives customers a chance to save even more by committing to a contract.

The 12-month term costs $16.95, while the 24-month term costs $14.95. There’s even a prepaid plan for $149.95 for a full year which translates to $12.50 a month. This would mean a huge payout at first, but in the long run, it’ll save you close to 70% off your phone bill. If sticking to a contract is something you consider as risk-free, then it’s worth it because of the guaranteed savings. And you can save even more with their BYOD feature for customers who have an existing VoIP hardware.

Finally, you can take control of your business phone service with’s flexible Cloud PBX and SIP Trunking plans. has several different plans available to suit businesses of any size. The pricing depends on the number of extensions and length of contract. All plans include easy installation and 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Second Phone Line offers another cost-effective solution for homes and small businesses. All plans come with a second phone line for free. This is perfect for when you need to make a call even when someone else is using the other line. It’s even more ideal for businesses so customers calling your small business won’t have to get a busy signal or wait on hold for very long.

Refer A Friend’s residential plan referral program gives a $10 reward for when referrals sign up for the service. This service credit is forwarded both to the referrer and the referral. This is guaranteed no matter what kind of plan the referral signs up for.

With Affiliate Rewards, referrers can also earn generous rewards. A $50 reward per plan is forwarded for those who are subscribed to the Standard and Premium plan for 1 year, and a $75 reward for those signed up for 2 years. There’s also a big reward for referrers who avail for SIP Trunking services. They get a one-time referral reward equal to 100% of the monthly recurring charges. For example, if the monthly recurring service charges for SIP Trunking are $200 per month, the reward is a one-time payment of $200 forwarded to the referrer.

International Calling

An hour’s worth of free international calling comes with’s residential plans. Beyond that, a per-minute fee is charged. Only business plans come with unlimited international calls. This might be an issue for customers who expect to call numbers in other countries more frequently. It’s also important to mention that the per-minute charge depends on the region and country. The per-minute charge would vary. Some countries are not included in the 60-minute free international calls so it’s best to check the’s website to check which countries qualify, before you sign up.

What's the Verdict on

Worth It, Some Issues Review 2020 – Conclusion offers a range of contract, pricing, and plan options for their customers. This emphasis on flexibility makes their service attractive to those who like to mix and match. A refreshing aspect of is their website. It’s a VoIP service window shopper’s paradise in terms of information availability. Websites that provide useful information quite openly, like pricing structures, come few and far between.

There are some drawbacks for sure, like hidden additional fees and limited business features. But tries to balance these out with incentives and reward programs to loyal customers. If you’re a stick-to-one kind of a consumer who’s not prone to looking around for greener pastures, then’s service is for you.