The Best Web Conferencing Software of 2019

Web conferencing software allows people to conduct or attend meetings remotely via the internet. It has been very useful to companies with ties to different locations around the country or around the world. Face-to-face meetings can take place even when the attendees are from different parts of the globe.

If you need a cost-effective way to hold meetings (without the hassle and cost of traveling) then you’ll need web conferencing software. Have collaborative meetings online and use interactive tools that can further enhance the experience allowing for a more meaningful discussion. Feel free to browse our review of the top ten web conferencing software and see solution fits your needs!


Onstream Meetings

1st9.8 out of 10Free

Onstream Meetings Review

Possibly the best choice to go with for a web conference service with their excellent features and even a free account.Full Onstream Meetings Review »


2nd9.4 out of 10Free

GoToMeeting Review

A combination of excellent customer service and a top-quality product that allows businesses of all size to conduct web conferences easily.Full GoToMeeting Review »


3rd9 out of 10$25.00 Per Month

InterCall Review

A reliable web conferencing software with 99.9% uptime and Pay As You Go pricing option which keeps expenses at a minimum.Full InterCall Review »


4th8.7 out of 10Free

Fuze Review

Not one of the most affordable option but they do offer a limited free account as well as various, feature-packed subscriptions.Full Fuze Review »


5th8.6 out of 10Free

Webex Review

Webex is very affordable service that even offers free meetings for up to 3 members.Full Webex Review »


6th8.3 out of 10Varies

MegaMeeting Review

A good web conference provider that allows for easy meetings with their browser based product.Full MegaMeeting Review »


7th8.2 out of 10$15.00 Per Month

GlobalMeet Review

A very good web conference provider that offers per minute charging as well as unlimited monthly subscriptions.Full GlobalMeet Review »


8th8 out of 10Varies

iLinc Review

A simple web conference tool that is good for small to medium businesses with up to 25 members.Full iLinc Review »


9th7.9 out of 10$22.50 Per Month

ClickMeeting Review

A company that offers various subscription options to meet different customer needs while still providing quality service and features to all.Full ClickMeeting Review »

Adobe Connect

10th7.6 out of 10$500.00 Per Year

Adobe Connect Review

An excellent web conference product with many useful features, offered by a top digital services company.Full Adobe Connect Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

What Makes a Great Web Conferencing Software?

In this day and age where web conferencing software is abundant, it has become more difficult to choose which service is the right one for you. While that is entirely subjective, there are quite a few qualities that you should watch out for when deciding which one to go with. Here are some of them:

  • Presenter Tools: The ability to add/remove participants is a powerful presenter tool as well as the capability to change presenters. There are also several other tools such as the listen-only mode where an attendee can toggle the mute/unmute button and Social Media Integration – where users can view participants’ social media accounts while in the meeting.
  • Web Conferencing Features: One key feature for a web conference is the ability to go into breakout rooms so smaller groups of attendees can discuss and further digest the information/content presented. Another very important feature is the digital whiteboard --- much like in a classroom where the presenter can use as part of his/her presentation.
  • Maximum Attendees: Web conferencing software provide a wide range of options when it comes to the number of allowed attendees in a given conference. Some provide allotment of up to 15 attendees, while others allow 100 and more. So whether you are a small company or a large enterprise, there is definitely something here for you.
  • Mobile App: Thanks to mobile apps, most web conferencing software allow you to hold or attend meetings even when you are on the go. And with the mobile lifestyle of most professionals these days, this feature is definitely a godsend.

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