Adobe Connect Mobile

Because of the on-the-go nature of some jobs, employees are hardly at their respective offices and in turn miss out on important meetings, trainings and useful seminars. That is why companies have turned to mobile apps to help connect on-the-go employees with all that is happening with the company. Adobe Connect Mobile allows you to host, share, collaborate and train from anywhere, anytime with anyone.

It offers nearly the same features as the desktop version with collaboration options, sharing presentations, documents and multimedia content from your phone and annotate and whiteboard using just your fingertips.

You can even deliver mobile learning and track progress with the Adobe Connect Learning Management System. This also benefits hosts because being able to connect via mobile will surely drive more attendance to meetings, webinars and training sessions. The app is available for Android, iOS and Blackberry powered devices.

Adobe Connect Subscriptions

There are three products that Adobe Connect has to offer and each one serves a specific function in your business. Here is a summary and comparison of each of these products to give you an idea of which one would best be suited for your business’ needs.

Adobe Connect Meetings is their lowest costing product at $500 a year and allows you to collaborate, host and present information and reports to up to 100 online meeting participants. You can host an unlimited number of meetings and enjoy working from an iOS or Android device with meeting recording, editing and republishing on demand. This program is even being used by the United States Department of Defense.

Adobe Connect Webinars, on the other hand,  starts at $1250 a year and is the all-in-one webinar solution for businesses and marketers. $1250 allows for 100 participants, $4500 a year allows for 500 participants and $5,500 for 1000 participants. This offers dynamic multimedia and video conferencing with multiple interactivity options as well as mobile enabled audiences. Events are fully customizable and you can get more participants if you need to by contacting Adobe directly.

Adobe Connect Learning is more for online training sessions that allow you to get participants from anywhere they are in the world. This costs $3500 a year where you can get up to 200 virtual classroom participants. This also offers learning based features such as creating curricula with prerequisites and test-outs, manage enrolment, generate course catalogs and deploying content using MS PowerPoint plug-in and Adobe Presenter.

So whether you are looking for a way to hold meeting within your company, webinars for product launches or other high volume participant events or online learning tools, Adobe Connect is the way to go.

Customer Support

Adobe offers the best customer support around with excellent self-help options such as tutorials, FAQs, user manuals and other articles as well as a user forum. If you do need to get in touch with representatives, they offer three ways to do so. Call customer support via their toll-free hotline number, fill-out an online form to request for a call back or contact one of their partners through their online partner listing.

What's the Verdict on Adobe Connect?

A Must Try

Adobe Connect Review 2020 – Conclusion

If the high price of their products is not a problem for you, them using Adobe Connect may be the best choice you could make for your business. They offer a great product with excellent features that any business would certainly benefit from using. The many mobile options works great for those on-the-go and businesses can fully customize their conference rooms for a more professional look. They offer a free trial for all three Connect products so check it out and find the best one for you today!