Cisco Webex Mobile

Be able to take your work with you wherever you go with the Cisco Webex mobile apps. They are available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch), Windows phones, Blackberry and Android devices.

Through the app you can start or join meetings easily with one button commands. Click on an email link or calendar event to join meetings and have the same features as you would on the desktop version.

You can view the list of participants, initiate a private chat with any of them, use the camera of your mobile device and see the video feed from each participant on your device.

File sharing, collaboration and other desktop features are also available on the app. Cisco Webex even offers an Apple Watch app that lets you join meetings and view the participants.

Cisco Webex Subscriptions

Aside from the free account, there are 3 paid subscriptions from Cisco Webex that you can choose from. Each one allows for video conferencing of up to 7 video feeds, allows for screen sharing , gives you the option of either phone call-in or VoIP and access to free mobile apps. You can also have whiteboard features, record meetings (audio and video), share the presenter role, schedule meetings in MS Outlook and have in-meeting or cloudspace chat. The only difference with each plan, as mentioned earlier, is the number of participants for each.

  • Premium 8 – Allows up to 8 participants for $24 a month ($19 a month for annual subscription)
  • Premium 25 – Allows up to 25 participants for $49 a month ($39 a month for annual subscription)
  • Premium 100 – Allows up to 100 participants for $69 a month (on sale from $89 a month and only $49 a month for an annual subscription)

So depending on how many participants you usually have for your web conferences, you can choose the Cisco Webex plan that can meet your needs. They also offer an easy way to upgrade your plans should your needs grow along with your business.

Customer Support

This is something that Cisco Webex excels in as they provide a wealth of support options. They offer short demo videos to help you with the functions and features of their product as well as a knowledgebase and FAQ section for self-help options. You are also given access to 24/7 technical support via phone and email by logging into your account. Finally, they even offer webinars of their own that customers can have access to. So if you decide to use Cisco Webex as your web conferencing provider, then rest assured that you and your concerns will definitely be well taken care of.

What's the Verdict on Webex?

A Must Try

Cisco Webex Review 2020 – Conclusion

Cisco Webex is a fairly good web conference provider as they offer uniform features across all their paid subscriptions so you do not feel short-changed by going with a lower plan if you do not need that many participants. They may lack a few features present in some of the top web conference providers but the features they do have are very useful and, coupled with competitive pricing, makes for a solid product. Check out their features with a free account that includes a free trial of their paid plans to see if Cisco Webex works for you.