Fuze Subscriptions

There are four options to go with if you want to use Fuze for your web conferencing needs. They offer the Free, Pro, Premium and Rooms plan at both month-to-month and annual billing options which allows you to work within your needs and budget. The annual subscription for Fuze offers discounts of up to $70 so you can cut down on costs. Take a quick look at the different subscriptions they offer so you know which one would best suite your web conference needs.

  • Fuze Free – This subscription is free and does not expire so you can continue to use their services for as long as you like. The Fuze Free allows unlimited conferences for up to 3 participants with HD audio and video features and HD screen and cloud content sharing. It is very limited in terms of other features and would be best for partners or small businesses. It also includes a 30 day free trial of the Fuze Pro plan so you can use it to see if it is worth upgrading to.
  • Fuze Pro – This costs $24 a month ($20 a month for annual billing) and allows you an unlimited number of web conferences for up to 25 participants but only 12 of which would be allowed HD Video. You are allowed an unlimited number of Dial-Ins (US) and the option to purchase add-ons to your service. This subscription is great for small to medium sized businesses and other large businesses that do not need too many participants.
  • Fuze Premium – This costs $48 a month ($40 a month for annual billing) and comes with everything on the Pro subscription with a few additions. You are allowed up to 250 participants in an unlimited number of web conferences but still only 12 HD video participants are allowed. You are also allowed webinars and meeting recording with mp4 support. This is great for companies that offer seminars to a large number of people or who use webinars for product launches and other events with a high volume of participants.
  • Fuze Rooms – This also costs $40 a month for annual billing and comes with the same features as the Premium plan. You would need to contact Fuze customer support directly for other information regarding this plan.

Customer Support

Fuze offers a wide variety of ways to contact customer support. They offer an online form to fill out with your concerns, which will be replied to via email from one of their representatives. They also provide toll-free numbers for US support available 24 hours on weekdays for Pro and Premium accounts as well as an international contact number. For those that prefer self-help, Fuze provides an extensive FAQ section with answers to all basic concerns about their products and services.

What's the Verdict on Fuze?

A Must Try

Fuze Review 2020 – Conclusion

Fuze offers a good selection of products for all sizes of businesses with their Free, Pro and Premium plans. While the Pro plan may be a little steep considering the features that comes with it, the Premium plan is truly a great bargain. You can check out their features with the Free version as it also includes a 30 day trial of the Pro one. Enjoy HD quality audio and video conferencing with many useful features with Fuze, so go to their website today!