MegaMeeting Mobile App

Depending on what your job is, work would, sometimes, take you outside the office whether scheduled or all of a sudden. Unfortunately, these unplanned trips could coincide with scheduled meetings or web conferences that you would have no choice but to skip altogether. Thankfully, you can have the best of both worlds and avoid this happening as MegaMeeting offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. The app is free to download on both platforms and has received mainly positive reviews from their respective users.

Through this mobile app, participants would be able to login and join web conferences from their mobile devices. You will be seen by others in the meeting, you can listen to audio from other participants and be heard through VoIP, you can engage in a public or private chat and view video feeds of other participants. Now you can engage in a web conference with anyone, anywhere at any time and never have to miss out on important meetings.

The app is a great supplement to the already exceptional service that MegaMeeting offers so those looking to go with this company may want to also download the app to their respective mobile devices.

MegaMeeting Subscriptions

There are 3 basic subscriptions of MegaMeeting to choose from; Webinar, Professional and Enterprise. Each one comes with product training to get you started using the features, No Long Term Contracts, Secure Conferencing, Multi-platform support, True VoIP Audio, Public and private chat, File Sharing, Multimedia player and desktop sharing features.

The Webinar plan only allows for 1 live video stream per meeting which is useful for seminars or training where only one speaker would be presenting. The Professional and Enterprise allows for up to 16 video feeds, making it great for collaborations, meetings and other group functions. However, the Enterprise plan comes with all the Business Bundle add-on features while you would need to purchase it for the other two.

The Business Bundle plan adds a meeting registration system, reporting capabilities, room customization, multiple log-ins, polls and surveys, computer sharing, ability to move attendees to different rooms, one-on-one training, PayPal Payment and an Online Active Meeting List. You can also get add-ons such as server-side recording, private branding and live help to give you a better user experience.

Customer Support

MegaMeeting offers basic customer support with a FAQ section and product manuals for self-help options and email, telephone and fax for representative help. Their contact number is not toll-free even for US and Canada clients so expect to spend extra if you opt to call. Their email support is done through filling up an online form with your email address and concerns then waiting for a reply. When compared with the quality of customer support with other leading brands, MegaMeeting’s is, while perfectly decent, nothing spectacular.

What's the Verdict on MegaMeeting?

A Must Try

MegaMeeting Review 2020 – Conclusion

Perhaps the biggest selling point of MegaMeeting is that they offer the ability to choose how many seats you want to purchase with each subscription plan, allowing customers complete control over what they spend on. While pricing of each option may not be readily available on their website, you can easily contact their customer support representatives to ask for a quote. In terms of performance, their product is one of the better choices to go with and their mobile app makes it even easier to host and join meetings. So go ahead and check out MegaMeeting today to get started on hosting your own web conferences.