A2 Hosting: Pricing and Types of Hosting

A2 Hosting covers the whole spectrum of web hosting needs, with multiple packages for the following hosting types:

Each item up there leads to the corresponding review section, so if you’re interested in a specific hosting type, click on it to get the details on what A2 Hosting has to offer.

A2 Hosting offers plans not just in the usual Linux flavor, but in Windows-powered versions as well. We talk more about those options in the Windows hosting section of this review.

A2 Hosting’s array of hosting plans can be overwhelming at first glance. Once you’ve given yourself time to take it all in, though, A2 Hosting’s first big plus point appears: you can easily upgrade (or downgrade!) your website’s hosting when needed. (If you’re wondering which hosting type will work best for you, check out our beginner’s guide!)

Combined with multiple plans per hosting type, that spells a good degree of flexibility for you.