Hyve Data Centers

The key to a good cloud hosting service is the quality of the date centers that they have as that is the backbone of their services. No matter how affordable their subscriptions may be, if they use poorly managed data centers, you could end up with more downtime than uptime. Luckily, if you do decide to go with Hyve, you will be enjoying cloud hosting from their world class data centers on your beck and call.

Hyve’s data centers are tier III facilities that offer premium connectivity ensuring a reliable foundation to your hosting platform. They are maintained by a team of full-time onsite engineers to make sure everything is working properly. Security at the data center is also a priority as it is maintained by audited security personnel, badge/photo ID access screening, biometric access screening, motion sensors and security breach alarms.

There are Hyve data centers located in London (their primary facility), Somerset New Jersey, San Jose California, Hongkong and Shanghai, China. Through these data centers, Hyve is able to enforce their 1000% uptime guarantee.

Pricing and Features

Free yourself from all the troubles of having to manage your business and worry about your website hosting at the same time. Leave the hosting problems to the experts so you can focus on the more important aspects of running a business. Hyve offers a fully managed cloud hosting that has excellent features. It is secure, reliable, fully scalable and super-fast.

Hyve utilizes fiber channels and SSD disk technologies connected via fiber optic cables to enable their “light-speed” performance virtual servers the ability to out-perform traditional dedicated servers. Another key factor to the quality of their performance is the best in class hardware provided by HP and Cisco along with their premier data centers which are regarded as the best hosting facility in Europe.

They offer professional support and an industry leading SLA. They even offer a free trial of their services so you can check it out first-hand and see if it is the right cloud host for you.

While Hyve offers fully-scalable subscriptions to their clients, you won’t be able to to compare features and prices as Hyve does not post their prices on their website. You would have to contact Hyve directly in order to request for a quote with features tailor fitted to your business’ needs. It may take a little longer than having the prices posted on their website but luckily, customer support with Hyve is also excellent.

Customer Support

Hyve offers excellent customer support with an active live chat feature that initiates conversations while you are browsing their website. They also offer 24x7x365 support via telephone and email as well as sales support from 9am to 6pm on weekdays UK time. You can also fill out an online form with your concern and contact details and wait for a reply from their support representatives. You can even request a call-back from their team if you prefer telephone support.

What's the Verdict on Hyve?

A Definite Buy!

Hyve Review 2020 – Conclusion

Those looking for a good cloud hosting service can benefit from the services of Hyve. Their world class data centers enable them to provide 100% uptime guarantees for their hosting services. Their feature loaded cloud hosting services is great for individuals to large enterprises as it is fully scalable to meet each customer’s specific needs. While they may not be upfront about the pricing of their service, it is a pretty minor inconvenience that can easily be overlooked. So go ahead and request a quote from Hyve today.