Pricing and Features

You know a hosting service is flexible when you need filters to sort through its range of hosting options. With over 30 distinct server configurations readily available, plus the option to contact the company directly to arrange for custom configurations if needed, Codero sets the standard when it comes to tailoring a dedicated server to your needs. The company’s offerings are directed more at enterprises looking for high-end hosting solutions, however, so users who are new to dedicated hosting might be better off checking out providers that offer more beginner-friendly plans.

The Choice is Yours

With Codero, choosing a server involves sifting through an extensive list of servers, followed by an equally long list of possible options for everything from your server operating system to the tools that you get if you opt for managed hosting. This is great news for people who like flexibility, or those who have very particular demands for their dedicated server.

When it comes to processors, for example, your choices range from dual-core Intel i3 CPUs, to multiple Intel Xeon octa-core processors, plus everything in between. Standard RAM choices range from 4-16 GB, but Codero notes that they can provide an astronomical 384 GB of RAM if you ask. Disk space has a 1 TB baseline, with the option to use standard hard drives or solid-state drives. Meanwhile, any plan also nets you unlimited incoming bandwidth, while you can get from 20-30 TB of outgoing bandwidth depending on your choice of server. Servers range from a relatively low $72 up to a pocket-burning $869 monthly, though Codero does have daily and monthly promotional deals and a loyalty reward program that can save you quite a bit of cash. This review will discuss those more below, but first, take a look at the features you can get with your dedicated server below.

The Nitty Gritty

Like the configuration of the server itself, Codero offers a whole host of choices when it comes to operating systems, control panels, and accompanying services. Still on the subject of servers, you have options like Hybrid Hosting and Smart Servers that merge dedicated hosting services with cloud computing technology. This gives you handy tools like free snapshots of your server for backup and free private networking between your Codero servers.

In addition, you can also buy fully configurable managed hosting services. These come in two basic flavors: Proactive, which involves constant server monitoring and maintenance; or the Essential plan, which essentially guarantees that Codero covers all the basic upkeep that your server needs. You can pick and choose the extent of that upkeep, since Codero lists a catalog of maintenance services. This makes it easier for you to ensure that you’re only paying for services you really need.

Operating Systems

When it comes to operating systems, Codero supports the industry-standard Linux, as well as Windows and a range of open-source systems as well. With Linux, you can choose between CentOS and Ubuntu, while Windows server users can choose from different editions of Windows Server 2012 and 2008. If you want to install other custom operating systems, you’ll have to pay a separate installation fee. As for control panels, you can choose among Plesk, cPanel, and WebMatrix. Like other “added-on” features in Codero’s hosting, you’ll have to pay additional fees to install these.

Data Centers

Codero also gives you the option to choose which of its three datacenters you’d like to house your server in, to ensure optimal speed for your server. The company offers an impressive 100% uptime guarantee, too: network failures that down servers for more than 30 minutes entail you to a refund, and downtime due to some select causes will mean a 5% credit for every 30 minutes of downtime you experience. That’s a great deal, especially in comparison to the 99.9% uptime promises you get from most competing companies.

The company also has some promotion and rewards systems in place to ease the strain of its services on your budget. It runs daily and monthly dedicated server promos that sees prices drop to as low as a $25 monthly introductory price. They’ve also got a standing Price Match offer for similar services offered by competitors. For users who are already on a Codero plan, meanwhile, there’s a rewards program that offers service credits for every dollar spent on Codero’s products. Credit values scale up the longer you’ve used Codero’s services, so loyal customers will have much to be happy about.

Customer Support

You can get basic support for free via phone and chat at all hours. More technical issues can be referred to high-level technicians at set operating hours, too. And if you really need advanced technical support, you can hire the help of specialists at a rate of $99 per hour.

What's the Verdict on Codero?

A Must Try

Codero Dedicated Hosting Review  2019 – Conclusion

Codero is a good solution for large-scale businesses or power users who are looking for robust and flexible dedicated hosting plans. The company’s selection of servers essentially lets you build your own dedicated server according to your particular needs, and even gives you the option to configure a server beyond the standard choices if needed. The same flexibility is evident in server features like available operating systems and control panels, management services, and even eco-friendly measures, though some of these options will incur additional charges. Codero’s 100% uptime guarantee and various promotions are impressive and handy, though, so if you’re comfortable getting into the nitty-gritty of dedicated server setup and management, Codero’s well worth a look.