Plans and Pricing

iPage presents itself as an all-in-one solution, allowing you to enjoy services beyond simple hosting. Upon sign-up you get one year’s worth of free domain registration, unlimited disk space, scalable bandwidth, and more. While the company’s shared hosting option leaves a lot to be desired in terms of variety—there are no tiered plans, just a singular offering—there are VPS and dedicated hosting plans that provide for seamless upgrading, should you need it.

Hosting Your Website on iPage

Shared Hosting: From $7.99 Monthly

If you are looking for an affordable, feature-packed shared hosting solution, what iPage offers may very well be perfect for your needs—until your initial term ends. First time customers enjoy a generous $1.99 per month introductory price tag; but once the next payment cycle hits, a price hike to the tune of $7.99 per month will be lying in wait. On the bright side, you have at least 12 months—term periods for this plan only come in one, two or three years—until you need to renew and pay for the regular rates; so you really do save a lot. On the other hand, the regular rate might just be a bit heavy on the pockets for some—especially because there is no month-to-month billing option. The lowest price of renewal comes out to a little over $95 as prepayment for a year’s worth of service.

iPage’s one-size-fits-all shared hosting plan comes with a lot of features that allow for practically unfettered movement: Unlimited email addresses, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited disk space, and even unmetered bandwidth—though it is listed as “scalable” because should your website become so popular that it exceeds what iPage’s shared hosting architecture can accommodate, the company will likely contact you to offer a hassle-free upgrade to one of their higher level VPS or dedicated hosting plans. On top of free domain registration for 12 months, they also allow unlimited domain names—perfect for those looking to manage and unlimited number of websites.

iPage Website Builder Powered By Weebly

There are also provided tools to help you design and build websites on your own, even if you don’t have the technical know-how. iPage’s go-to drag-and-drop website builder is powered by Weebly, which offers numerous professional themes.

If Weebly isn’t your cup of tea, you can also set up a WordPress site via their one-click installer—more on this later—as well as use other content management systems, such as Joomla, Drupal, and the like. Blogs like PixelPost and b2evolution are also within your reach; as well as e-commerce options. You get an online shop for free, complete with PayPal integration. iPage even allows you to choose from various shopping carts—AgoraCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, PrestaShop, TomatoCart, and Zen Cart—and gets you started on marketing with free Google AdWords and Bing Ads credits.

Beyond that, you are also given access to marketing guides online, a free listing on, and a free local or toll-free number for your business. Overall, while the regular rates are a huge jump from their introductory price, you are getting a lot of features in return, so the trade-off might be worth it.

iPage Marketing Credits

VPS Hosting: From $24.99 Monthly

If you need a more power, as well as a greater degree of control, consider iPage’s VPS hosting plans. iPage offers optional root access; should you want to install your preferred applications and proprietary software, or do some of your very own advanced  customization. Speed, reliability and flexibility also get supercharged due to mirrored SAN storage and guaranteed memory allocation; and because these hosting plans are cloud-based, migrations and upgrades due to the growth of your business can be implemented seamlessly.

iPage VPS Hosting Features

All packages come with instant deployment, so you won’t have to wait long for your virtual server after registration. Again, iPage includes free domain name registration for all plans; and for VPS hosting plans, Linux CentOS and cPanel are the default offerings in terms of operating system and control panel software. All plans also come with fully managed support, meaning iPage will take care network and hardware issues, website error monitoring and troubleshooting, and more.

iPage VPS Hosting

Below is a look at the three base packages and their regular rates; though take note that introductory prices will significantly lower your initial payment, and that iPage does also let you configure your chosen package for additional fees:

Regular Monthly Price$24.99/mo$59.49/mo$99.99/mp
CPU Core124
Storage40 GB90 GB120 GB
Bandwidth1 TB3 TB4 TB
Dedicated IP122

Introductory prices generally offer a 20% discount. For instance: An initial Basic plan subscription is listed as $19.99 per month, a full $5 lower than the regular rate. Unlike their shared hosting plan, iPage allows for month-to-month billing for VPS hosting—a very considerate option, especially for a fast-growing business that may need to jump to higher-tiered plans with little to no advanced warning.

iPage Dedicated Hosting Features

Dedicated Hosting: From $149.99 Monthly

For users in a hurry, iPage offers instant server provisioning and full management—as it does with its VPS hosting plans—so you can have your dedicated server running without the typical wait times.

There are three tiered dedicated hosting plans, all of which include the following: Linux CentOS 6.4 servers, the latest version of cPanel, and root access—so you can install software and tweak the server configuration to your liking. If you don’t feel confident handling all these options and settings on your own, you can also turn to iPage’s free server management and support services. The company will readily help you set up everything from email to MySQL. In addition, these management services include other perks like round-the-clock server and network monitoring, as well as snapshot backups of your data.

iPage Dedicated Hosting Freebies

Don’t forget that all of this does come with most of what’s given to you as part of iPage’s lower-tiered hosting plans: free domain registration for 12 months, a marketing package, unmetered bandwidth with no penalty for exceeding limits, and more. Here’s a quick overview of each dedicated hosting plan’s features:

Regular Monthly Price$149.99$194.99$239.99
CPU Core244
Storage500 GB1 TB1 TB
Bandwidth5 TB10 TB15 TB
Dedicated IP345

The introductory discount also applies here—initial term period billing will only have you paying $119.99 per month instead of the regular rate of $149.99 monthly—as well as the option to pay month-to-month or in one- or two-year cycles.

iPage Dedicated Hosting

All in all, iPage’s dedicated hosting offerings boast of modern servers and a robust set of features for competitive prices. However, depending on your priorities, the company’s lack of alternative server operating system choices—no Windows option—and no uptime guarantee might count as big downsides. However, it is worth pointing out that the company maintains a solid uptime record despite having no clear cut guarantee to back it up.

Specialty Hosting

Although iPage offers just one kind of specialty hosting plan—made for WordPress users—as a whole their particular collection of features and offerings are very beginner-friendly; particularly for those wanting to build an online presence or internet-based business from the ground up. A free online shop with free PayPal integration even at the lowest tier plan is a big deal! However, it should be noted that even though installing platforms like Drupal and Joomla are possible and may take all of one click—thanks to the included SimpleScripts and Mojo Marketplace QuickInstall tools—iPage support may not have the best technical support to offer when it comes to them, at least in the way that they can provide for one that they have special hosting plans for, like WordPress.

WordPress Hosting: From $7.49 Monthly

iPage offers two WordPress plans for you to choose from—WP Starter and WP Essential—though the difference between the two isn’t much. Both plans are built on a solid foundation of unlimited storage and bandwidth, one year free domain registration, easily scalable resource allocations, and value-for-money freebies like search engine marketing credits and pre-installed WordPress extensions.

iPage’s WP Starter plan starts at $3.75 per month with an introductory price tag—regular rate is $7.49 monthly—and is perfect for users starting from the very beginning. The package comes with iPage’s extensive standard shared hosting feature bundle: drag-and-drop Weebly site builder tools, support for various file managers and protocols, e-commerce solutions like PayPal integration, and unlimited email accounts and services. You’ll also get a customized control panel designed to give you easy access to all the essential WordPress functionalities and settings, so you can take control of your website with ease. The WordPress hosting plan also comes with pre-installed themes and plugins, so you can customize your WordPress installation to best serve your aims for your website.

The downsides: For one, a lack of WordPress hosting management services, which might be a drawback for users who aren’t confident in their technical knowledge. This places iPage slightly behind other competing hosting providers, many of which tend to offer even basic management services like routine backups or site monitoring free with their similarly priced plans. The same goes for essential services like CDN use and SSL certificates, which are available as separately purchasable add-ons for iPage users, but which often come free with other providers’ WordPress hosting packages.

Speaking of add-ons: If you need more advanced features and want to save on additional fees, you may want to consider iPage’s WP Essential plan. On top of all the features also included in the WP Starter plan, WP Essential provides WordPress-certified technical support; as well as enhanced site performance and security. To deliver faster page-loading times, the WP Essential package draws on a potent combination of low-density servers, CDN technology, caching systems, and adaptable architecture, all of which add up to a 250% increase in your site’s overall speed. Meanwhile, for security, iPage teams up with SiteLock to give you a bundle of services that include active malware protection, spam protection, and a dedicated firewall, to keep your website safe from any would-be hackers.

iPage lets you choose among monthly, annual, and biennial billing cycles. The monthly rate stays the same whatever the length of your chosen contract, so users going for shorter terms don’t have to fret about having to pay higher monthly fees for the same services.

Reseller Hosting: From $49.95 Yearly

Though it is not widely advertised or visibly promoted on their official website, iPage does have something called the WholesalePlus Reseller Program—a singular plan that you can avail of in 12-month cycles. You get an unbranded and customizable interface, access to 24/7 server management and support from an experienced staff of engineers, and a complete suite of tools and services that allow you to control your own clients’ experience.

Why Choose iPage?

Customer Support

Aside from their 24/7 hotline, live chat session, and ticket submission system where you can get in touch with their support team, iPage also has a help center containing a knowledgebase, user guides, and other pertinent information regarding use of the service. You can opt to find a solution yourself in this section, or, if the matter seems to be out of your control, you can reach out to their team, who seems to be responsive and helpful enough, as per customer feedback.

iPage Knowledgebase

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The company offers a full refund if you terminate service within 30 days of signing up. This is thanks to its 30-day money-back guarantee, which is on par with typical refund policies in the industry. You should keep in mind, though, that iPage only offers these refunds for payments made through credit card. If you’re only looking to test the waters with any of its hosting plans, make sure you opt for credit payment when you sign up.

iPage Referral Program

Another perk of being an iPage customer is the incentive extended to web host users to get $35 credit every time they’re able to refer a friend to sign up for any web hosting plan. These credits can be applied to buying domain names, products, upgrades, setup fees and renewal of web hosting account.

What's the Verdict on iPage?

Worth It, Some Issues

iPage Review 2020 – Conclusion

There are no two ways about it: iPage offers one of the most affordable starting rates in the market, and it’s backed by a month-long money-back guarantee. Coupled with beginner-friendly, robust and feature-packed plans with attractive freebies, signing up is something of a no-brainer. You may be a bit concerned about their renewal rates, but those won’t hit until a year or two. If your priority is getting started as soon as possible with as little expenses as you can, then iPage stands out from every other competing service. However, if this isn’t your first rodeo, you may feel confined by a lack of advanced and hands-on options—or wary of the lack of an uptime guarantee, no matter how good iPage’s performance record is. Check out their plans now and see for yourself if their offerings and price points are enough to convince you to give them a shot!