Best Web Hosting UK Reviews 2019

Maybe your targeted traffic comes mostly from the United Kingdom. Maybe you’re located within the UK itself, so you want your servers to be near you. Whatever your reason, you’re on the hunt for a UK web host, and it just so happens there are tons of options out there to sift through. How can you be sure that you’re signing up for a high-quality, reliable service?

Researching and comparing every option is time-consuming. If you skip out on a thorough search, though, you may end up with a mediocre service that gives you more headaches than solutions. Don’t worry — we did all the hard work of searching for UK web providers that can make the cut. Looking for the highest service standards possible? Check out our list of the best UK web hosting companies below!

CompanyRankingRatingPriceHosting TypesRefundSupportDescription
1&11st9.8 out of 10£0.99 Per MonthMany30 daysCall and email

1&1 Review

1&1 UK offers dirt-cheap prices with their plan pegged at £0.99 a month, a good starting point to get your website up and running.Full 1&1 Review »

TSO Host

2nd9.7 out of 10£1.25 Per MonthMany60 daysCall and email

TSO Host Review

Aside from an affordable hosting plan, you can count on TSO Host's support team to assist you in every detail from setup to maintenance.Full TSO Host Review »
SiteGround3rd9.5 out of 10£9.95 Per MonthMany30 daysLive chat, call, and email

SiteGround Review

SiteGround has a wide variety of hosting services with SSD servers for maximum speed, and their very own firewall security protocol. They have data centers not only in the UK, but in the US, Netherlands and Singapore as well.Full SiteGround Review »
GoDaddy4th9.5 out of 10£4.99 Per MonthMany30 daysCall and email

GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy is a globally known domain and web hosting provider, and they improve their service with a solid uptime and lightweight price points.Full GoDaddy Review »


5th9.2 out of 10£3.99 Per MonthMany7 daysPhone and ticket request

Easyspace Review

Easyspace offers UK-based hosting with unlimited bandwidth for more traffic accommodation, and a build-your-own plan for cost-effective hosting.Full Easyspace Review »

6th9 out of 10£5.99 Per MonthManyNoTicket request and call Review

Aimed towards business websites, offers a whole boatload of freebies with their hosting plans, with the first month free of charge.Full Review »

Squirrel Hosting

7th8.3 out of 10$3.95 Per MonthLinuxNoTicket request and email

Squirrel Hosting Review

Squirrel Hosting seems to gather a lot of positive reviews from users which speak a lot of their service.Full Squirrel Hosting Review »
fasthosts8th8 out of 10£5.00 Per MonthLinux, WindowsYesCall only

fasthosts Review

fasthosts may have the same old features, but security is never a question with free SSL certificate for the first year of subscription.Full fasthosts Review »


9th8 out of 10$5.95 Per MonthMany30 daysLive chat, ticket request, and call

UK2 Review

UK2 is a mixed bag when it comes tom their service, with uptime performance sometimes going flawlessly, sometimes riddled with issues.Full UK2 Review »

Heart Internet

10th7.7 out of 10£2.49 Per MonthMany30 daysTicket request, call, and email

Heart Internet Review

A UK-based web hosting company, HeartInternet offers a decent package for their plans, but users are often left unsatisfied with the level of support they provide.Full Heart Internet Review »


11th7.5 out of 10£2.49 Per MonthMany14 daysLive chat, ticket request, and call

123-reg Review

With servers located inside the UK, your website can deliver content for your traffic without much fuss. But take note, their plans are a bit limited in terms of storage and database allocation.Full 123-reg Review »


12th7.3 out of 10£3.33 Per MonthShared and VPS30 daysLive chat, ticket request, and call

eUKHost Review

Eukhost has plans with less resource allocation- quite unjustified given that their price is on par with providers that have more bulk.Full eUKHost Review »


13th7.2 out of 10VariesManyNoLive chat, ticket request, and call

rackspace Review

rackspace looks pretty good on paper, but without any idea on their prices, and a ton of complaints regarding their uptime, customers aren't happy.Full rackspace Review »


14th6.5 out of 10£1.00 Per MonthShared and VPS30 days, shared onlyLive chat, ticket request, and call

PlanetHippo Review

PlanetHippo offers cheap web hosting under their rood, but they seem to severely lag behind in performance and support quality.Full PlanetHippo Review »
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Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Storage Space

Since your website's built on a collection of data stored on your provider's servers, it's imperative to get enough disk space with your plan. Some providers give you a set amount of space, with the option to buy more as needed. Meanwhile, other web hosting companies offer “unlimited” web space -- at least, in the sense that you don't get any space restrictions as long as you stick to normal usage parameters. Make sure to check out the fine print so you're clear on what you'll be getting.


As with storage space, your website could live or die according to its available bandwidth. With most providers, exceeding your plan's bandwidth levels will trigger one of two responses: either your website gets shut down completely until your allocation meter refreshes (usually in the next month), or you're charged additional fees for the data overage. Bear in mind that overage fees tend to be higher than regular rates. If you're expecting a lot of traffic, consider sticking to hosting providers that give you unmetered bandwidth instead.


Imagine signing up for a service with deplorable uptime: you'll pay regular fees to host a website that regularly goes dark, ultimately causing you tons of clients and sales. A 99.9% uptime rating is the standard, and any provider that falls below this level needs drastic improvement, not your money. Make sure your chosen provider has a solid track record when it comes to site availability and reliability.


Most hosting services have affordable prices, with some hosting plans going for as low as £1. Don't just sign up for the very first £1 plan you see, though! Check out the contract length for your chosen service. Usually, dirt-cheap rates are offered for an annual plan, if not a years-long commitment. Shorter contract terms tend to cost a bit more. It all depends on whether or not you're fine with getting locked into a service for a few years. If you want to drive prices down with less of a catch, lots of hosting companies also tend to offer discount coupons, promos, and freebies, so keep an eye out for those.


Last but not least, we checked out the kind of customer support you can expect from each provider. Almost all web hosting services offer 24/7 support with live chat sessions or hotlines, so settle for nothing less. Availability's just one factor, though; quality of support is important, too. Even the smallest issue can have an unexpectedly large impact on your site's reach and performance, so look for speed and expertise when it comes to support services. And if a provider's support staff often go the extra mile, then all the better.

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