Best Australian Web Hosting Reviews 2019

Since you and your potential website visitors are located in Australia, or somewhere in the vicinity of the beautiful country/continent, why not avail of a web hosting package that is rooted in the land down under itself? There are a lot of Australian web hosting companies that can lend you a hand in building and running your website, so you won’t have to put your trust in a company that is located thousands of miles away. Not only are the servers of your website closer to your traffic, but you can also enjoy a more stable service with promising uptime performance.

Choosing the right web hosting provider fro your website can put you in a constant indecisive state, and understandably so, since you wouldn’t want to put your trust- and money- in a service that will constantly give you headaches. Don’t stress out, we checked and filtered out different web hosting providers so you can have a shorter list to look at, plus an in-depth review of each to help you spot the one fir for your needs. Find out who made the cut for the top Australian web hosting providers below!

CompanyRankingRatingPriceUptimeHosting TypeSupportDescription


1st9.6 out of 10A$19.90 Per Month99.9% GuaranteeShared, VPSPhone, Live Chat, Ticket

Crucial Review

Crucial delivers top-notch shared and VPS hosting packages with premium features, but services often cost more than most competitors.Full Crucial Review »

Digital Pacific

2nd9.1 out of 10A$4.90 Per Month99.99%Shared, Cloud, VPS, DedicatedPhone, Email, Ticket

Digital Pacific Review

Digital Pacific provides a wide range of Australian hosting solutions that come with solid services and SLAs, though the resource caps are limiting.Full Digital Pacific Review »


3rd9.1 out of 10A$5.00 Per Month99.9%SharedPhone, Email, Ticket

Panthur Review

Panthur delivers feature-packed, affordable shared hosting plans to fit every need, but you'll have to deal with significant resource caps.Full Panthur Review »


4th9 out of 10A$7.99 Per Month99.95%Shared, VPSPhone, Email, Ticket

NetOrigin Review

NetOrigin delives affordable shared and VPS hosting packages that pack great features and solid uptime guarantees, but you get resource caps, tooFull NetOrigin Review »

VentraIP Australia

5th9 out of 10A$6.95 Per Month99.9%Shared, VPS, Reseller24/7 Phone & Email

VentraIP Australia Review

VentraIP Australia is an Australian owned web hosting service with an impressive set of features, 24/7 customer support, and 99.9% uptime guarantee.Full VentraIP Australia Review »


6th8.8 out of 10A$3.95 Per Month99.9%Shared, VPSPhone, Live Chat, Email, Ticket

HostPapa Review

HostPapa gives you a choice of shared or VPS hosting packages, all of which are reliable, affordable, and backed by solid guarantees.Full HostPapa Review »

Quadra Hosting

7th8.8 out of 10A$4.90 Per Month99.9%Shared, VPSTicket

Quadra Hosting Review

Quadra Hosting gives you Unix and Windows-based shared and VPS hosting packages to choose from, but you'll have to deal with resource caps.Full Quadra Hosting Review »

Relentless Hosting

8th8.7 out of 10A$4.00 Per Month99.9%Shared, VPSLive Chat, Email, Ticket

Relentless Hosting Review

Relentless Hosting delivers streamlined, affordable, and feature-packed Australian hosting options, but you'll be facing resource caps with most plansFull Relentless Hosting Review »

Melbourne IT

9th8.7 out of 10A$14.94 Per Month99.9%SharedPhone, Ticket

Melbourne IT Review

Melbourne IT gives you five different shared hosting plans to choose from, each with unlimited bandwidth, resource caps, and premium prices.Full Melbourne IT Review »

Hosting Australia

10th8.6 out of 10A$39.00 Per Month100%Shared, VPS, DedicatedPhone, Live Chat, Email, Ticket

Hosting Australia Review

Medium and large enterprises looking for great deals should check out Hosting Australia's feature-rich, fully managed hosting packages.Full Hosting Australia Review »


11th8.6 out of 10A$3.95 Per MonthVariesShared, VPS, DedicatedPhone, Live Chat, Email, Ticket

NetVirtue Review

NetVirtue delivers shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting packages at affordable prices, though you'll often have to deal with resource limitations.Full NetVirtue Review »


12th8.5 out of 10A$6.00 Per Month99.95%SharedPhone, Email, Ticket

Bitland Review

Bitland offers simple, affordable, and beginner-friendly hosting packages, but each plan also comes with restrictive resource limits.Full Bitland Review »

Web Hosts Australia

13th8.5 out of 10A$20.00 Per MonthVariesShared, VPS, DedicatedPhone, Live Chat, Email, Ticket

Web Hosts Australia Review

For Windows-based shared hosting options, try Web Hosts Australia. Aside from the usual Linux plans, they have 3 Windows-based plans available.Full Web Hosts Australia Review »


14th8.4 out of 10A$5.52 Per Month99.9%Shared, VPSPhone, Email, Ticket

Webcity Review

Webcity offers no-frills shared and VPS hosting packages, but you'll have to deal with resource caps and a lack of add-on choices.Full Webcity Review »


15th8 out of 10A$5.00 Per Month99.9%Shared, VPS, DedicatedPhone, Live Chat, Email, Ticket

HostGeek Review

HostGeek offers a variety of hosting packages, but their seemingly low prices are often undercut by restrictive resource limits.Full HostGeek Review »


16th7.8 out of 10A$5.00 Per MonthNo GuaranteeSharedPhone, Live Chat, Email, Ticket

comauHost Review

comauHost gives you a straightforward hosting plan with unlimited storage and bandwidth, but you'll have long contract terms and no uptime guaranteeFull comauHost Review »

Media Fortress

17th7.6 out of 10A$6.95 Per Month99.99%SharedPhone, Skype, Live Chat, Email, Ticket

Media Fortress Review

Media Fortress gives you three hosting plans with readily available web design and marketing services, but each plan has restrictive resource limits.Full Media Fortress Review »

Rack Servers

18th7.3 out of 10A$7.85 Per Month99.9%Shared, VPSPhone, Live Chat, Ticket

Rack Servers Review

Rack Servers offers shared and VPS hosting packages with a choice of Linux or Windows OS. Strict resource limits are offset by solid guarantees.Full Rack Servers Review »


19th7 out of 10A$9.95 One Time99.9%Shared, Cloud, VPSPhone, Live Chat, Email, Ticket

NetRegistry Review

NetRegistry delivers blazing-fast speeds thanks to world-class cloud hosting infrastructure and Tier-1 networks, but it locks you in for the long termFull NetRegistry Review »

Crazy Domains

20th5.5 out of 10A$2.37 Per Month99.9%Shared, VPSPhone, Live Chat, Email, Fax, Ticket

Crazy Domains Review

Crazy Domains offers incredibly cheap shared and VPS hosting, but the company comes with a long history of customer complaints.Full Crazy Domains Review »
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Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Important Note: Profond Hosting has been acquired by VentraIP Australia.

100% Australian

Server and data center location can play a big role in website content delivery- the closer they are to the requesting traffic, the faster can pages load and show content. As previously mentioned, if you are building a website that will focus on the Australian public, or anywhere near it, you would benefit the most in purchasing a hosting plan within the country. All of the listed companies have their servers located in Australia, so you can be sure of efficient content delivery and loading times in each provider.

Hosting Type

There are several kinds of web hosts, specifically: shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud. If you are a small business looking to take your products online, or would like to have a website for personal reasons, you would benefit the most from a shared hosting plan, where you share a physical server with several other websites, paving the way for a more affordable cost. On the other hand, VPS and dedicated hosting can take the heat of a large amount of traffic without any lags for any visitor. Lastly, cloud hosting services are the champion in stability, since your website is hosted over a network of several servers.

Storage and Bandwidth

If you have a good estimate of how much storage and bandwidth your website will be using, then choosing a provider with a fixed amount of these features can be more than enough. Another option would be to sign-up for a hosting plan with unmetered storage and bandwidth, meaning there is no set limit on how much you use as long as it is within their terms of normal usage. An added tip: there are hosting companies that offer Solid State Drives, or SSDs, for data storage, which is quite known for a better speed and performance over the older hard disk drives, or HDDs, so you may want to check them out as well.

System Backup

Having your own copy of your website's backup data is a surefire way to secure files, but it can also help to further protect your data if your hosting provider is doing the task as well. Some providers readily include this feature in their package, so you wouldn't have to worry about it. Take note, however, that the storage allowance for these kind of backup plan may be more limited as compared to the paid alternatives.


No matter how well versed you are in the technical aspect of your website, there will come a time that you will need the assistance of your provider's support team, especially in cases of service outage. It would be much better if you can contact them at any time of the day- most web hosting companies actually open their chat and phone lines 24/7 to ensure total customer support. You may want to check for the quality of assistance that you can get though, this factor still varies from provider to provider.

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