Web Hosting: from $2.37 monthly

Crazy Domains offers three shared hosting plans for unbelievably low prices, with their most expensive plan still coming up much cheaper than most competitors’ packages. Are these plans worth the price? That’s a complicated question: many users have registered complaints against Crazy Domains, which we’ll sum up in a bit. First, let’s look at the good points.

On paper, Crazy Domains’ plans look great. You can choose between Windows and Linux for your hosting system, which is rare, especially for shared hosting plans. You get unlimited bandwidth, and even the storage limits are much more generous compared to other providers’ resource-restricted packages. You also get hosting staples like cPanel and one-click web application installers (including WordPress, ZenCart, and more), plus support for a host of programming languages from Ajax to Python, so setting up, customizing, and managing your site will be a breeze.

Crazy Domains also includes great bonuses like DDoS protection and 24/7 site monitoring for added security and peace of mind. You can monitor your website’s status and statistics directly from your account too.

Here’s an overview of the differences between each plan:

Linux Monthly Price$2.37$6.55$11.53
Windows Monthly Price$9.18$14.54$17.68
Storage150 GB500 GB (SSD)Unlimited (SSD)
Email Accounts100500Unlimited
Databases (MySQL or MSSQL)1050Unlimited
Cloud Network BoostNo300%300%
Search Engine Traffic BoostNoNoYes
Email Marketing ToolsNoNoYes
Premium DNSNoYesYes
Data BackupNoYesYes

VPS Hosting: from $26.50 AUD monthly

For more powerful but still affordable hosting, check out Crazy Domains’ VPS options. You can choose from Linux or Windows for your operating system, and Crazy Domains offers three pre-built packages for each. Those packages’ specifications are modifiable, but if you’d like to start from scratch, you can also configure your preferred virtual server yourself through Crazy Domains’ custom server plan.

You get root access, 1 dedicated IP address, and unlimited bandwidth with all plans. Crazy Domains can give you the industry-standard control panel (cPanel or Plesk, depending on your choice of OS), but as with many other VPS hosting plans out there, these will cost you extra. Each plan is self-managed by default, but you can also purchase varying degrees of server management services for additional fees.

It’s worth noting that the default self-managed configuration doesn’t include essential services like free pre-existing site migration, server monitoring, or even SLA coverage, so take that into account when deciding about server management services.

Here’s an overview of each plan:

Linux Monthly Price$26.50$66.08$119
Windows Monthly Price$33.08$79.33$126
SSD Storage50 GB100 GB200 GB
CPU Cores123

Important: A History of Customer Complaints

Crazy Domains is one of the most well-known hosting providers in Australia, and not always for the best reasons. There have been many complaints registered about various aspects of the company’s business over the years, from as far back as the 2000s up to today.

One of the more common sore points raised by customers is the company’s sluggish, unhelpful, or downright unavailable customer service. Many have noted that Crazy Domains’ support team frequently fail to solve the tickets lodged, and even getting responses involves wait times of double-digit hours, or even days.

Other customers have complained about misleading offers and fees on the company’s website, as well as problems with billing. There have been a number of complaints regarding users being billed twice mistakenly and never getting the issue corrected, among other issues.

Finally, many customers have also lodged complaints about the quality of the company’s system and hosting services, too. There are numerous accounts of basic procedures like site page uploads taking minutes, or of sites often going down unexpectedly.

Performance and Guarantees

Crazy Domains has multiple data centers all over the globe, including spots in Perth and Melbourne, so you can be sure of lower latency and greater loading speeds for your Australia-based audience. The company guarantees 99.9% uptime for its shared hosting plans and 99.99% uptime for its VPS hosting plans, too.

As for your payment, Crazy Domains offers you a 60-day money-back guarantee for its shared hosting plans, and a much shorter 48-hour refund period for its VPS hosting packages.

Customer Support

Crazy Domains promises 24/7 support through phone, email, live chat, support ticket, and even fax. The company also maintains a knowledgebase on its website. However, as we’ve noted above, many customers have often complained about the quality of Crazy Domains’ customer support.

What's the Verdict on Crazy Domains?

Avoid At All Costs!

Crazy Domains Review 2020 – Conclusion

On paper, Crazy Domains’ web hosting plans look like amazing deals: unlimited bandwidth, generous resource allocations, plus unbeatable prices. That might well be the case, and part of the reason why Crazy Domains remains one of Australia’s most popular domain name registrars and hosting providers. However, the company has also had a long history of customer complaints, and that’s worth keeping in mind. Users have bemoaned the company’s hosting services, billing procedures, and customer service over the years. There has also been positive feedback, but the history of complaints against Crazy Domains tends to outweigh these. As with all hosting providers, Crazy Domains has good and bad points, but with this checkered track record, you have reason to be more cautious here.