Features and Pricing

Arvixe gives you two plans to choose from: PersonalClass and PersonalClass Pro. If you’ve perused the company’s other hosting plans, these labels might sound familiar — essentially, Arvixe’s WordPress hosting plans are just their regular shared hosting program tailored specifically for hosting the WordPress platform. This isn’t a bad thing at all, since Arvixe’s shared hosting comes packed with a ton of features that any user — owner of a WordPress site or not — can appreciate.

PersonalClass Plan – $4+ per month

Both plans come with unlimited disk space and bandwidth, plus free domain name registration for the duration of your contract, which already puts Arvixe ahead of many of its competitors. At a minimum of $4 a month, the PersonalClass plan also includes the Softaculous installation platform, plus unlimited subdomains, email accounts, FTP, and MySQL databases. Unfortunately, while the general lack of limits deserves enthusiasm, Arvixe puts a brake on that with its six-website limit for this particular plan. You still have room to play, but not quite as much as Arvixe’s exuberant ads would have you believe. Still, six websites is a respectable number, especially in comparison to some competing providers who have more stringent site hosting limits.

PersonalClass Pro Plan – $7+ per month

If you’d like the freedom to host as many websites as you want, you can shell out a bit more cash to get PersonalClass Pro. At a minimum base price of $7 per month, you get all of the PersonalClass features and unlimited websites, too. It’s worth noting that both plans share most of their feature set, though, so even if you opt for the cheaper PersonalClass tier, you’ll still get such features and services as Git integration, support for various scripting languages, and site statistics software. You’ll also get great security features like nightly backups, DDoS protection, firewalls and network monitoring, and RAID-10 configured drives. Unfortunately, standard features like SSL certificates, which most WordPress hosting providers include free with their plans, will cost you extra: a 1-year AlphaSSL certificate, for example, costs $25.

WordPress Features Lack Specificity

Other industry-standard WordPress hosting features don’t get any mention at all. Arvixe talks up their WordPress-focused performance and security features, for example, but declines to provide specifics. There’s no mention of content distribution networks, which is a disadvantage here when other providers offer use of services like CloudFlare for free with their plans. When it comes to available add-ons at registration, you’re limited to priority support ($20 monthly), plus free optional advertising credits that are only available to US and Canada-based customers.

That said, Arvixe’s WordPress hosting plans still offer a lot of good value, especially if you anticipate lots of growth in your site’s future. Arvixe gives you the option to seamlessly upgrade to cloud, VPS, or even dedicated server hosting, so you can be sure that your hosting plan can easily keep up with any growth in your site’s resource and network demands. Similarly, Arvixe offers a smooth site transfer experience for users who are migrating from a different service — sites, databases, and domain names can easily be moved into your Arvixe account, free of charge. New users, meanwhile, can count on free and automatic setup upon registration.

Arvixe buttresses all of its plans with some solid guarantees. Its 99.9% uptime guarantee ensures billing credits for considerable instances of downtime, while its 60-day money-back guarantee gives you a fairly long period to check out the company’s services without worrying about losing your money.

You can select from a number of billing cycles, with sizable discounts available for longer contract terms: Arvixe can bill you monthly, quarterly, semiannually, annually, and biennially. The prices advertised on Arvixe’s site are for its biennial contract terms, but you’ll only pay at most $3 more if you opt for shorter billing cycles.

Customer Support

Arvixe offers 24/7 support through livechat, phone, and its support ticket system. If you purchase the priority support add-on, you’ll also get assigned to a dedicated support team that can provide quicker responses to your queries. For more general needs or issues, meanwhile, you can refer to the company’s knowledgebase and user discussion boards for guidance.

What's the Verdict on Arvixe?

Worth It, Some Issues

Arvixe WordPress Hosting Review 2020 – Conclusion

Arvixe gives you affordable WordPress-hosting plans without skimping on features and overall value. While lower-cost options come with some limits that might limit your enterprise’s long-term growth, Arvixe mitigates that by offering you seamless upgrades and support should you need it. Features like unlimited storage and bandwidth put Arvixe’s plans ahead of the pack, too, though the lack of specifics on site optimization and the additional charges for essentials like SSL certificates are big minus points for the company’s scorecard. Still, the company’s solid guarantees and accessible support staff are good bonuses, especially at their offered prices. If you’d like a good hosting option that’s easy on the budget, you can’t go wrong with Arvixe.