The Best Webinar Software Platforms of 2019

Whether you’re teaching a course, training employees, running a workshop, conducting an online discussion – you can do all these online and through webinar. A webinar is a conference or meeting conducted over the internet. It’s good for multiple participants and in several locations.

If you are looking to host a webinar and wondering which webinar software is right for you the first thing you’ll need to make sure of is that your webinar service is up-to-date with its features and is easily accessible to participants. Also of high importance is that participants have more ways to join the webinar and not just via a PC. Before hosting your webinar, give our reviews a read and learn which software is perfect for you!



1st9.9 out of 10$89.00 Per Month

GoToWebinar Review

This is, no doubt, one of the most comprehensive webinar software packed with tools and features that can really give you the ooomph in your session.Full GoToWebinar Review »

Onstream Webinars

2nd9.7 out of 10$49.00 Per Month

Onstream Webinars Review

While allowed participants are quite limited, you can't go wrong with a secured encryption, and affordable plans that has a bonus storage allocation.Full Onstream Webinars Review »

Cisco WebEx

3rd9.6 out of 10$99.00 Per Month

Cisco WebEx Review

Up to 5 live video feeds simultaneously on screen, you can have a healthy discussion with your peers as your audience listens and learns.Full Cisco WebEx Review »


4th9.3 out of 10$40.00 Per Month

ClickMeeting Review

What would be a better way to click and connect with your audience than with a webinar software that has wide system compatibility and mobile options?Full ClickMeeting Review »


5th9.2 out of 10$57.00 Per Month

Demio Review

While Demio is sufficient for smaller audiences and organizations, it might not be enough for presenters with an established crowd.Full Demio Review »

Adobe Connect Webinars

6th9.1 out of 10$1250.00 Per Year

Adobe Connect Webinars Review

A trusted name with a tested service which allows for unlimited webinar sessions with full event analysis- although it does come at a heavy price.Full Adobe Connect Webinars Review »


7th8.8 out of 10Free

Skype Review

While Skype excels in video conferences, it may not be the best when it comes to webinars due to a limited participant size and function.Full Skype Review »


8th8.6 out of 10Varies

iLinc Review

There are certain quibbles with iLinc, like the lack of chat support, but their user-centered features tips the scale, resulting in a decent software.Full iLinc Review »


9th8.4 out of 10$89.00 Per Month

omNovia Review

OmNovia can be quite expensive on the pockets, but you can make the most out of every penny with their audience interaction features.Full omNovia Review »


10th8 out of 10Varies

MegaMeeting Review

Not only does this webinar software have limited streams, but you would also have to call them to get ahold of their rates- truly an inconvenience.Full MegaMeeting Review »


11th7.8 out of 10$78.00 Per Month

AnyMeeting Review

There isn't much to justify for the expensive price tag, but the revamped design and app and social media integration may be worth a peek or two.Full AnyMeeting Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

A Few Things to Consider

Webinar software vary greatly in terms of price and features/capabilities. Some features/capabilities may be sacrificed for cheaper options. If you’re hosting up to 100 participants, it will make more sense to get the pricier software to ensure easy registration and that it works for your audience.

Also, when looking for a service that fulfills all your needs, it’s important to be able to try it out first to see if the software is compatible with all your other feature needs/software extensions. This is where free trials come in.

Finally, certain features like breakaway meetings – where smaller groups can gather and discuss the information presented, automatically recording and uploading to YouTube, as well as integrating other software like MailChimp can be a huge plus. Go ahead and check out which webinar software offering works best for your needs!

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