Best Website Builders 2020

So you want to build your very own website but you’re unsure what the best platform is to build the perfect website to fit your needs, right? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have reviewed and compiled a list of the best site builders out there from hundreds of different platforms and rated them based on what we feel are the most important metrics and characteristics for website builders. Whether you’re an amateur photographer, or an aspiring entrepreneur and whether you’re looking for intense DIY customization or simple plug-and-play ‘WYSIWYG’ site builder, the best site builder reviews for you are below.

Wix1st9.9 out of 10$7.00 Per Month

Wix Review

Wix is an amazing website builder with over 500+ beautiful templates, extreme flexibility, and fantastic ease of use. Perfect for virtually any site.Full Wix Review »
Network Solutions2nd9.8 out of 10$9.96 Per Month

Network Solutions Review

From a price match guarantee, to open source libraries and SEO add-ons, this web hosting provider has proven to be quite a solid choice.Full Network Solutions Review »
SquareSpace3rd9.7 out of 10$16.00 Per Month

SquareSpace Review

With its flexibility & amazing responsive designs, Squarespace works great for everybody from designers to bloggers to entrepreneurs and beyond.Full SquareSpace Review »
Weebly4th9.7 out of 10Free

Weebly Review

Weebly is an easy-to-use powerful website builder. While not as robust as some options, for most sites, Weebly is sufficient.Full Weebly Review »
Shopify5th9.6 out of 10$13.00 Per Month

Shopify Review

The de facto eCommerce site builder, Shopify is fantastically built for selling online, integrating with brick & mortar, shipping, design and more.Full Shopify Review »


6th9.5 out of 10$10.00 Per Month

Ucraft Review

While their template collection lags behind the competition, Ucraft's stunning designs and top-notch user experience more than make up for it.Full Ucraft Review »


7th9.5 out of 10$7.50 Per Month

Jimdo Review

If you want your online shop to also exhibit creativity and responsiveness, then Jimdo website builder has the right templates for you.Full Jimdo Review »


8th9.4 out of 10$7.99 Per Month

BoldGrid Review

From thousand of themes to a preparatory staging site, you can count on BoldGrid website builder to make your website a definite head-turner.Full BoldGrid Review »


9th8 out of 10Free

WordPress Review

An open source platform with great flexibility, allowing you to create your ideal Minecraft site thanks to thousands of themes, plugins, and the like.Full WordPress Review »


10th9.3 out of 10$6.99 Per Month

Sitelio Review

You can't go wrong with a website builder that offers an easy-to-use editor, hundreds of themes, and other much needed features in its package.Full Sitelio Review »

Zoho Sites

11th9.2 out of 10Free

Zoho Sites Review

A WYSIWYG website builder with tons of themes to choose from to showcase your creativity and passion in design- this is what Zoho Suites has to offer!Full Zoho Sites Review »


12th8.6 out of 10$3.95 Per Month

SiteGround Review

A fantastic web host that also doubles as an affordable website builder where you can build WordPress or Joomla sites, and get 99% uptime.Full SiteGround Review »

Web Hosting Hub

13th8.1 out of 10$8.99 Per Month

Web Hosting Hub Review

Web Hosting Hub is one of the more user-friendly blog site builder & hosting provider in the market, with WordPress and BoldGrid under its belt.Full Web Hosting Hub Review »


14th8.6 out of 10Free

Strikingly Review

A simple, no-frills mobile website builder that lets you easily build single page sites perfect for portfolios, online business cards, and the like.Full Strikingly Review »


15th8.4 out of 10$7.79 Per Month

Sitey Review

Basic, easy-to-use website builder offering hundreds of templates, but lacking features, similar looking templates & confusing pricing hold this back.Full Sitey Review »


16th8.4 out of 10Free

uCoz Review

A free way to get your website going, it also comes with various useful features and also premium subscriptions.Full uCoz Review »


17th8.4 out of 10Free

XPRS Review

While having a new approach at website building may be exciting, there is still a lot to improve in terms of functions for different industries.Full XPRS Review »

IM Creator

18th8.4 out of 10$9.95 Per Month

IM Creator Review

A creative, purely drag-and-drop website builder that comes with nice templates, but has some limitations in eCommerce and flexibility.Full IM Creator Review »


19th8 out of 10$8.99 Per Month

SiteBuilder Review

An easy-to-use DIY website builder where you can choose from thousands of professional-looking templates, and offers free domain and email.Full SiteBuilder Review »


20th8 out of 10Free

WebsiteBuilder Review

An amazing website builder that offers an easy to use editor, tons of fully customizable templates, mobile optimization, and hosting across all plans.Full WebsiteBuilder Review »


21st9.5 out of 10$0.99 Per Month

1&1 Review

With dirt-cheap prices and top-notch security, 1&1 gets you started without breaking the bank, though some plans have resource caps.Full 1&1 Review »


22nd8.4 out of 10Free

WebEden Review

If you are on a tight budget but would like to get your website up and running, then WebEden should be up on your list.Full WebEden Review »


23rd8.2 out of 10$5.99 Per Month

Webs Review

There are varying opinions regarding the performance of Webs among customers, but you try it for yourself and experience the service first-hand.Full Webs Review »


24th8.4 out of 10Free

Doodlekit Review

Perfect for those on a budget thanks to its free plan, this website builder offers customizable templates, plus tools like SEO, eCommerce and more.Full Doodlekit Review »


25th9.4 out of 10$29.95 Per Month

BigCommerce Review

Professional looking templates, great marketing features including a nice built in SEO feature and tons of apps await you in this great DYI platform.Full BigCommerce Review »


26th7.9 out of 10Free

WebNode Review

A web builder that you can use to quickly create nice looking websites that are mobile and SEO friendly, and make use ofFull WebNode Review »


27th8 out of 10$3.99 Per Month

GoDaddy Review

A user-friendly web hosting provider that also offers fairly affordable plans, great uptime and support, 1-click app installs and lots more.Full GoDaddy Review »


28th8.2 out of 10Free

Voog Review

A very simple, yet no less compelling website builder that focuses on simplicity and great responsive design.Full Voog Review »


29th7.8 out of 10$7.99 Per Month

Homestead Review

A simple and affordable website builder that covers all the basics needed for users to make an effective website.Full Homestead Review »


30th6.2 out of 10$4.16 Per Month

Yola Review

Competitively priced and improving regularly. However, a somewhat slow interface, many outdated themes, and lack of features hold this builder back.Full Yola Review »

Web Starts

31st6.8 out of 10$4.89 Per Month

Web Starts Review

Despite a redesign, WebStart's editor feels clunky and lacks some standard features. That being said, it is cheap and could be good for simple sites.Full Web Starts Review »


32nd4.4 out of 10Free

Moonfruit Review

For a free website builder, Moonfruit provides a complete and robust feature set with matching ready-made templates and ecommerce functions.Full Moonfruit Review »

33rd1 out of 10$22.95 Per Month Review catches people with deceptive pricing, but has nothing to show for in their plate aside from old themes and outdated features.Full Review »
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Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Site Editor

Building a website the traditional way is no easy task, especially since you would need to learn how to code and design first. DIY website builders, on the other hand, forgo the need to learn complicated coding languages or design concepts – which makes them ideal for a wide array of people. That said, not all DIY website builder editors are created equal.

A lot of editors these days offer WYSIWG, drag-and-drop functionality, which allows you to easily manipulate elements onscreen while, at the same time, lets you see exactly what you are building as you are building it. Unfortunately, some website editors are more clunky than others, despite offering the same drag-and-drop functionality. And then there are those that provide a more stripped down website editor, where many advanced features are sorely lacking.

Website builder platforms are only as good as their site editor, so choosing the right one can mean the difference between you getting your site up and running without a hitch, and you getting stuck in development hell.


People will almost always gravitate towards things that are attractive to them, so it is important for your website to look its best. Website builders that offer professional-looking templates are a must, while those whose templates look like they were made a decade ago should be at the bottom rung of the ladder. It is also ideal for templates to be mobile-responsive so your audience can access your website on their mobile devices, whether on a smartphone or tablet, without a hitch.

Beyond aesthetics, it is also important for templates to have a good degree of customizability. There are tons of DIY website builder users, almost all relying on whatever templates their service provides, so if you want your website to stand out, then you need templates that can be molded how you see fit. While most builders limit how much you can customize, there are those that allow you to access and edit the HTML and CSS files of a template. Once you have access to these files, then you are free to customize the template as much as you can – provided you have the know-how, of course.


The best website builders are those that can offer great flexibility to its customers, allowing them to build websites for a variety of purposes. There are DIY builders that allow you to create sites that are specifically for restaurants, hotels, online stores, weddings, and a whole lot more. Even better, some even provide add-ons that let you extend the functionality of your website. So, if you are looking to build a restaurant website, for example, some builders allow you to add online reservation or online ordering functions. So, the more flexible a builder is, the more likely you would be able to create the best possible version of your website.

Help Resources

While most DIY website builders are created to be user-friendly enough to be used without much guidance, comprehensive help resources are still a must. Some companies do things a little differently though; while most offer dedicated help pages, some integrate step-by-step guides into their website builder editors. Other handy help resources that some companies offer include extensive FAQs, articles, and even video tutorials. Of course, the more resources a company offers, and the more responsive they are to customer queries, the better.


Last, but certainly not the least, is price. As with any service, the cheapest doesn’t always mean it is the best – features are also important. Getting the most bang for your buck, then, should be of prime importance. After all, some builders, though cheap, offer less features than their more expensive counterparts, so services that offer the best features at the right price definitely rank higher. For those on a budget, this doesn’t mean you have to go all out – just that you should be able to live with both the features and price of your chosen service.

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