BoldGrid Premium Pricing

BoldGrid is best known as a free website builder, and you can get definitely get a lot of mileage out of the free version. In fact, in terms of functionality and value-for-money, BoldGrid is one of the best free website builders you can use.

There are two main caveats to a BoldGrid free plan, though. First, like many free website builders, BoldGrid runs ads on your website. In this case, the ad is surprisingly discreet: it’ll just be a link to BoldGrid on your website footer. This is far from disruptive, and if you can live with an extra link at the bottom of your website’s pages, then this is a non-issue. However, this can be a mark against your website, especially if you’re going for a clean, professional look.

Second, there’s a limit—in this case, a website limit. Other website builders confine you to a small number of pages or posts on your website. BoldGrid doesn’t do that, and you’re free to fill your site with as many pages as you like. However, you can only use BoldGrid to make one website. This is fine if you’ve only got one concept or business that you need to put online, but if you’re hoping to run multiple sites or cater to different clients with the website builder, BoldGrid’s free plan won’t help you.