Network Solutions Hosting Tools

This company takes their web hosting tools very seriously. If you take a look at their nsProtect Assured, they are offering a suite of protection add-ons and plugins to make sure your customers are safe. They even offer a $50,000 guarantee that if there is any sort of a break-in or identity theft, they will put up that kind of money to help you. On top of that what does this server do for you?  Well it adds credibility to your website. It proves that you are a legitimate business and you mean business when it comes to your customer base. It also increases traffic because your customers know that you are protected when you come to your business’s website.

They also offer a service called SiteLock. This service will scan your website for malware and other forums of potential viruses that can spread to your visitor base. What’s also great about this service is that it is Cloud based and you don’t have to do any sort of installs to your website.

Easy to Use Management Tools

Network Solutions has gone through multiple management teams. With each iteratino there seems to be a small change in how they operate. Currently Network Solutions is a company. Usually this company is amazing with their staff and customer service. But it seems that they are lacking when it comes to this company.

Some of the bright spots of this company come in the form of their more expensive hosting options. If you decide to go with their “Advance Hosting” features, you are looking at a larger suite of options.  Features such as nsMail, which offers a large amount of protection features and easier to read e-mail solutions. The nsMail suite includes features such as unlimited email forwarding, spam and virus protection, POP3 & SMTP, webmail, address book, external mail, and more.

Their website management tools are also pretty awesome. These days it seems like almost all companies have some sort of visual management tool but Network Solutions certainly does it right. Their statistics for both Windows and Linux boxes are off the charts. The list of the tools that are at your fingertips include an intuitive website builder tool, FTP accounts, open source library, EZPolls, guestbook, message boards, and a lot more. These features makes website management much more easier.

What's the Verdict on Network Solutions?

Worth It, Some Issues

Network Solutions Review – Conclusion

Ultimately if you know what you are doing, Network Solution is probably a good way to go. If you are brand new to the web hosting game and need some support, I would look to other companies to help you out. If they had a better customer service department, which might come in the future with at the reigns, this would be a stellar service and I would recommend it to anyone.

With their open source libraries and price matching, it is hard for a company to go wrong. All their features scream “use me! Use me!” So if you are dying to get a hosting service with amazing features this would be the option for you. Just don’t ask for help.