In lieu of our usual format, we will be discussing SiteBuilder’s features and overall experience under three main sections: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Sounds ominous, you say? Take a seat, folks. This one’s going to be a bit of a ride.



Getting started with SiteBuilder is easy as you only need to supply your name, email address and account password in order to sign up and get a free account. After signing up, you are asked to register your free domain, or you can use one that you currently own. Once you do so, you can now choose one from the thousands of fully customizable templates on offer.
The templates themselves are aesthetically pleasing, offering a sense of modernity and professionalism. Even better, SiteBuilder’s templates span a wide range of categories and industries, allowing you to build a variety of websites for different purposes. Categories include Architecture & Real Estate, Beauty & Fashion, Business & Consultant, Hotels & Travel, Music & Entertainment, Photography, Wedding, and a whole lot more. With these, you can build blogs, one pagers, portfolios, and the like. Or, if you want to unleash your full creativity, you can opt to build from scratch by choosing a blank template.

Once you are done choosing a template, you will be redirected to their excellent site editor. The editor is quite easy to use, especially since it is a drag-and-drop one. This means you simply click on any element and then drag it around to where you want it on the page. Beyond that, SiteBuilder also allows you to choose different templates for each section of your site – giving you more freedom and flexibility to fine tune your site. You can, for example, choose from different designs for your site header, Contact Us page, and more. This is, by far, one of the simplest and easiest website builders out there that can cater to users of all skill levels.


Not everyone has the time to create their own website, even if the tools at hand are quite user-friendly. This is where SiteBuilder’s Site Tailor service comes into play. For $349, you can have their team of professionals create a website for you. You get a full design package that comes with 7 pages, custom images, maps, and contact forms.

They will also handle things like email setup, blog setup, domain name setup, and even the publishing of your website. In addition, you are given 2 rounds of edits in case you want something changed in the design. Overall, this is definitely a much cheaper solution than hiring a top-shelf website designer and could potentially save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars (in theory).


For self-help, SiteBuilder offers a comprehensive knowledgebase where you can read up about nearly every aspect of their service – from adding content to SEO and beyond. If you prefer to talk to one of their representatives one on one, you can shoot them an email or call any one of their phone lines. They have ones for US/Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and an international hotline.