The Website Builder

Sitey’s website builder is a pretty no-frills affair. It is laid out in a clean, uncluttered manner that makes it rather pleasant to use – even for long stretches of time. Your website is the focus here, as the builder layout, with its unobtrusive side menus, makes abundantly clear. This makes it easier to see the changes you make – as opposed to other platforms that bombard you with menus. At Sitey, menus only take up a small space of screen real estate – on the left and up top – but contains nearly all the options you can make use of in creating a website. As for the actual creation of your website, simple one-click actions will bring up the options you need. You also simply drag elements around and position them where you want. Sitey also makes use of snapping so you won’t end up with a messy website. You can also switch between desktop or mobile view, allowing you to see how your website looks on either in real-time. Overall, Sitey’s website builder does the job pretty well. It is basic, but that isn’t a knock on it.