2 Types of Purchase

If you want to go get a template from Templates.com, there are 2 types or purchases that you can do: Unique and Non-Unique purchase. If you want to use a certain template and do not mind if other people purchase it after you do, then you can go for a Non-Unique purchase. Doing so allows you to pay less than $100 for each template on average, which is a fraction of what it would cost to hire a professional to create one for you.

You can also go with a Unique purchase and be the last person to ever purchase a specific template, because once a template is purchased as such, it is taken down from the Templates.com selection. This ensures that the only people that have that specific template are you and whoever purchased it prior to you.

There are around three billion websites on the internet today so the chances of finding the other websites with the same template used are very slim. The only problem with this is that the cost skyrockets from being less than a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. A template that costs $75 for a Non-Unique purchase costs $4,500 for a Unique one so there is a very big price difference.

Pricing and Features

Looking for the right template for you to go with is easy with Templates.com. Right when you access their website, you are shown a list of some of the most popular website templates that they have in their collection so you can get right to choosing the best one for you. You can check out all the best-selling templates for WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, HTML5 and other Responsive Templates. You can also view other templates by different categories so you can find the right one to match the type of your business. Some of the categories include:

Art & CultureElectronics
Medical & HealthcareSports, Outdoors & Travel
Hotel & FamilyFashion & Beauty
Real EstateComputers and Internet

They also offer CMS compatible website templates and E-commerce based templates. There are thousands of templates available on their online collection and each one can be viewed with a responsive demo to show you just how your website will perform. They also present a complete description and feature set so you can see all that Templates.com  has to offer. Pricing for each template varies and starts at around $35 and up for Non-Unique purchases and Unique purchases at around $4,000. Once you have purchased a template, you will be sent a download link to get the ZIP file then you can get right to using it for your own website.

Customer Support

Support options with Templates.com are very extensive as they provide a very helpful FAQ section that answers all common concerns about their products and services. They also offer a live chat feature that allows customers to get fast responses from support representatives and online ticketing support that can be directed to specific departments of the company. Other contact options include a general online form that is replied to via email and you can also check out the refund policy, terms of use and privacy policy of the company on their website.

What's the Verdict on Templates.com?

A Must Try

Templates.com Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are looking for a cost-efficient way to get your website a professional looking layout, then Templates.com is a good place for you to check out. They offer over ten thousand templates by professional web designers to help you find the exact look you are going for with your company. You can purchase the template exclusively and be the last one ever to do so from Templates.com, which may cost over $4,000. Purchasing it for non-exclusive use, however, will cost less than a $100. They offer templates for various kinds of websites and have a live demo for each so you can see just what you are purchasing and how the website will be. Go ahead and check them out today.