The Cost of Advertising

Is free advertising really free? Google AdSense lets you earn additional revenue from your website by advertising some companies from their list so whenever someone clicks the ad on your website, you earn money. This concept is simple enough and seems to be a sure money maker, but what are the unwritten things we have to think of? What IS the cost of free advertising?

Since your income is based on people clicking the ad you post on your website, you have to be careful in picking what to advertise. It would be best to keep it as close as possible to the content of your website because that is what got people there in the first place. Having outrageous ads that are far off from your content won’t be effective and you would just be wasting your space. You also run the risk of not getting anything in return for your web site space if no one clicks on the ad, therefore you are just wasting precious space. You also can’t fill your website with ads as this will just discourage visitors from viewing your site.

Before you put advertisements on your website you have to consider the kind of people you are targeting, how they will respond to ads, what kind of ads you will put and how many ads to put. Free advertising is never really free as you are sacrificing space on your website and possibly discouraging viewers if you have too much ads so it would be best to plan out how you want to place your ads and what ads you would place beforehand.

What's the Verdict on Google AdSense?

Worth It, Some Issues

Google AdSense – Conclusion

Since using Google AdSense is free, you might want to give it a try. Though we only recommend it if you feel you get enough traffic on your website as the returns might not be big enough to make a difference. Placing ads can discourage some viewers so they either ignore it or ignore the website so you have to be careful with the ads you place. If you can find ads that complement your websites content and theme then it might actually be a good step for you. Since Google AdSense does provide reports, you can give it a try and see how it fairs for your website.

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