Most Favored Form of Support

Everything in the world now is fast paced and people want everything to go that way. That is why live chat is the preferred from of customer support. With live chat you can reach customer support right from your computer and expect a response almost immediately. This is very useful especially if you are working on your computer and experience a problem with the service or product itself, then you can just chat with the customer support right away. Email and Forum support have fallen out of favor since most companies take days to reply to email and there are hardly any clear cut answers on forums.

LiveChat biggest selling point is that it is live chat, users can chat with you on your website in real time. LiveChat is great if you are providing a service like an online store, or selling a service like professional photography or even a website for religious and non-profit organizations. Live chat is a great, easy and fast way to get in touch with you and in this fast paced world, people do prefer it over any other means of support or communication.

What's the Verdict on LiveChat?

Worth It, Some Issues

LiveChat Review 2020- Conclusion

If you want to have a live chat option for your Wix website, then LiveChat is a great way to go. You can custom fit LiveChat to match your website’s theme and use it to reply to multiple users at a time. Though it comes at a steep price of $16/month, it may be worth the cost for those who can afford it. After all, having live chat greatly boosts your popularity with your website’s visitors since this is the preferred method of customer support and communication. LiveChat does offer a 30 day free trial so why not go ahead and try it out for yourself and maybe you would want to upgrade to a premium version before the 30 days are up.