Rewards Program

Comic Cartel rewards their loyal customers with every purchase made through Comic Coin Rewards. This rewards program allows each customer to earn coins that can be used to get a discount on your next purchase much like the more common point-based reward system.

You get 1 coin for every $1 you spend with this company and get a $5 discount for every 100 coins that you save up. Signing up for a free Comic Cartel account gets you an instant 100 coins, this means an instant $5 discount on your first purchase.

They also have special promotions like “Double Coin Day” or “Double Coin Item” so you can get more with your rewards coins earned. You can get up to a 35% discount for each order, which is currently the maximum discount you can get even if you have enough points to pay for the entire cost of your purchase. They are looking to increase this limit as the company grows so be on the lookout for it.

Pricing and Features

Once you access the Comic Cartel website, you can get right to searching for comic books you want to purchase or series you want to subscribe to. You can choose from either New Releases or All Comics to help you filter your search for individual titles. Or you can also check out the Popular Subscriptions section to see which comics subscriptions people are currently going crazy over.

Pricing depends on the comic book series but is usually $2.99 to $6.99 each, with some exceeding that amount. You can check out all the titles and prices right on their website without having to sign up. Once the next issue in your subscription becomes available, it will be lined up and shipped depending on your preference.  Shipping can be done either weekly or monthly and are usually received within 1-3 days after processing. Billing, on the other hand, is weekly for any active issue or series to be released the following week. Once you get $25 worth of comics, you are entitled to a free storage box.

You can also purchase specific products which the company offers such as the Cartel Box to store your comic book collection. These costs $8.99 each and are made of super durable premium double-wall paper board with a top-loading design to make it easy to locate and store all of your comics. The Valiant Starter Box costs $14 and includes 1 Cartel Box and 6 Variant Comics issues. You can also get the Free Comic Book Day Bundle for $18 which comes with 1 Cartel box and 12-14 different comic books.

Customer Support

The main customer support option offered by Comic Cartel is the live chat feature on their website. Support representatives are ready and able to assist with most basic questions and concerns about the company and their services. You can also send an email to [email protected] or send a message on Twitter or Facebook. There are also a few FAQ questions on their website that can help.

What's the Verdict on Comic Cartel?

A Definite Buy!

Comic Cartel Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are a hard core comic book collector, you may want to use the services of Comic Cartel. They offer thousands of different titles in their website that you can purchase individually or get a subscription to. Each comic purchased is handled with the utmost care and shipped in protective covering to ensure each is in mint condition once received by the customer. They even offer a rewards program that lets you get up to 35% off your order just by earning coins through purchases on their store. Get quality comics delivered to you safely for your enjoyment or collection by checking out Comic Cartel today.