Pricing and Features

Pearl Mountain’s Scrapbook Crafter is available at the Mac App Store for $19.99, compatible with OSX 10.7 or higher. This includes access to their scrapbook templates, some of which are specific to occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, graduations, weddings, Thanksgiving, Valentines, and more. They also have generic templates, as with baby and kids scrapbook designs. You can browse more than 60 different scrapbooking kits with 240+ pages to complete the whole album. You can also choose from 280 pre-made background patterns, 150 frames and masks and accessorize the page with more than 2,500 clip art images.

They have other software under their belt for Windows, like the Picture Collage Maker Pro, CollageIT, Image Converter, and Greeting Card Builder. Unfortunately, none of these tools have the features to create a scrapbook. Picture Collage Maker Pro has a scrapbook themed template, but it is good only for one page, and won’t really pass as a scrapbooking tool. It would’ve been better if they offered a similar tool for Windows users, or if they released a mobile app for it, considering a majority of the population uses their mobile devices to capture their moments.

Ease of Use

Creating a scrapbook with Scrapbook Crafter is extremely easy, even kids and teenagers can do it. Once you’ve chosen your template, you can then add photos that you want to be in that page. The editor library will show your iPhoto and Aperture folders, while you can also browse your local folders freely. Additionally, if you want a specific folder to be instantly accessible within the editor, you can drag and drop it under the Folders section. You can also drag and drop photos directly into the editor page, and you can see a preview of the photos at the lower part of the panel.

As for adding pages, you can add blank ones if you prefer to decorate them yourself, or you can choose one from a template which already contains backgrounds and designs. You can duplicate or delete the pages as needed. Choose from color, pattern, and image for the background, which can be applied to one page or all the pages at once. Under the color tab, you can choose a solid, gradient, or advanced gradient. The patterns are categorized by their respective scrapbook kits for easier browsing. Meanwhile, for images, you can select a photo you want as the background, and set its fit in the page as as tile, stretch, or fill.

For each object, you can choose their fill settings, stroke, opacity, and shadow values, as with its position, size, and rotation. You can also arrange their layers and set which object is at the front or back of the others, both by drag and dropping them into position or by using the front or back arrows. If you are satisfied with an object’s settings, you can lock them and prevent any accidental changes.

Lastly, if you have images that you’d like to edit, there’s no need to download and open another software- the editor can do basic photo editing like adding frame decorations and effects, adjusting the saturation, hue, exposure, contrast, and brightness. You can also flip the images or rotate them to a certain degree.

Three Ways to Finish

Once you are done designing and editing your scrapbook, you can choose to print, share, or export the finished album. From the Share toolbar, you can opt to share your work via email, message, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr. Lastly, you can export the files as PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and PSD.

Customer Service

Despite having a vast support section, Pearl Mountain seems to have forgotten to include their scrapbooking software into the list; they only have FAQ sections for their other products. That said, the Scrapbook Crafter page has a tutorial section on the how-tos of the editor, which works as a guide in using the software. You can also reach their support team via email for issues and queries.

What's the Verdict on Pearl Mountain?

Worth It, Some Issues

Pearl Mountain Review 2020 – Conclusion

Pearl Mountain offers a decent scrapbooking software that goes beyond simple- almost every element in the template can be customized, photos can be edited to a certain degree, and their selection of clip art images give users more room for creativity. You can choose different gradient fills, patterns, and define the object’s settings and values. However, the software is only available for Mac users, and they do not have a free trial for a cost-less evaluation of their tool. That said, Pearl Mountain’s Scrapbook Crafter is a good tool to immortalize your precious memories and give them a fun and creative twist.