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If you are using The Lilypad for your digital scrapbooking needs, then you would have to purchase scrap book elements and content on their website. To help you easily find what you are looking for, the company has organized their store into “Shop By” categories so you can easily filter through all their content. Shop By Holiday presents you items specific to certain holidays like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, St. Patty’s Day and others to give you specific content to use for that particular holiday.

You can also Shop By Season and get elements that are perfect for your Winter, Summer, Autumn, or Spring collages or scrap books. They also let you Shop By Theme to find specific elements for birthdays, weddings, travel, pets, friends, family, everyday life and dozens of other themes to help you with any kind of project you are working on.

You can also check out the store for each individual item you are looking for such as paper packs, templates, word arts and other items or search by featured designer as The Lilypad has collections from various professional designers to help make your creations more beautiful.

Pricing and Features

The Lilypad offers very competitively priced items in their stores as you can purchase individual scrap book elements and kits for less than $10 each. The only time the price really balloons is if you purchase practically all the items they have to offer. On the bright side, that gives you lots of ways to be creative with collages, scrapbooks, greetings and invitations perfect for practically any event or season.

So if you have no problem sticking to purchasing elements you need for your project, then The Lilypad is, surprisingly, a very affordable option to go with. They even offer occasional sales on their items such as the 30% off store-wide sale happening as of this writing. So it’s a good idea to check out their website regularly for the specials and promotions that they offer.

In terms of the designs you can use, the gallery on their website showcases a wide range of user-made designs. Here you can check out all the beautiful, user made designs, layouts, collages and scrapbooks and find inspiration for yours which you can then share with others. In addition, if you want to get noticed as a scrapbook designer, you can also submit your creations so fellow users can download or get inspiration from your work as well. Take note, however, that designs must contain at least 50% of The Lilypad products and must be less than 250kb each with no off-site linking.

Customer Support

The main line of customer support that The Lilypad offers is an FAQ section on their website, a user Forum and an email support via filling out an online form with your contact information and concern. Inquiries will be replied to by customer support representatives anywhere from 24-48 hours, so you may have to wait a while to get a reply. They do not offer any live chat support or telephone support which are faster ways to get response and resolution to concerns.

What's the Verdict on The Lilypad?

A Must Try

The Lilypad Review 2020 – Conclusion

If you are looking for a digital scrapbooking service to use, The Lilypad is one of the best choices to go with. They offer a simple but effective software that allows you to create beautiful collages, scrapbook entries, invitations and a whole lot more. You can choose from a wide selection of digital items that you can fully customize to match your picture or the theme you want to go with. Items are competitively priced and although they do not offer any refunds on your purchases, you wouldn’t have shelled out a significant sum enough to warrant regret. Even better, you can also check out the works of other The Lilypad customers as well as showcase your own works in their in-site gallery. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and check out The Lilypad today!